DavidBlanc5 banned by Coloss260 - //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: Hubert Blaine
BYOND KEY:DavidBlanc5
DATE OF BAN: 2020-11-22 16:48:43 during round ID 1469

REASON FOR BAN: As Chief Engineer, threatened to sabotage the SD, Disobeyance of Captain’s orders, Threatening with AI law changes, and suicided when he was being jailed. Disconnected as soon as they suicided, so I had no chance to PM them
YOUR APPEAL: admin got butthurt i didint follow his (captains) orders. the only thing i did wrong was suicide and thats it also i never threatened the ai with law changes.

Starting your appeal with “admin got butthurt” won’t help you get your ban appealed. If you really wish to have your Command jobs ban lifted, think about what you did wrong exactly, and prove me that you can be trusted again with these command jobs.

Also, you indeed threatened the AI with law changes, the whole Command staff can witness of that (Unfortunately, I don’t have their Ckeys at the moment). Doing that on itself is not a big deal, but combined with your other faults makes it harder to trust you.

Command Staff are supposed to hold a higher standard of Roleplay, as they do hold a larger responsability over their own department, and over the ship in its whole, especially when the current server you’re playing in features a MILITARY vessel. You cannot just act like a perfect idiot all the time, disobey the Captain’s orders of a Military Vessel, threatens them with sabotage without consequences.

For now, I am not willing to lift your ban, prove me that I can trust you in the future, and I’ll take a real look at it.

Alright, I’ll be taking over this appeal for procedural reasons. After reviewing the specific rule (SSD/suicide as command staff no Ahelp), and in accordance with existing policy guidance this ban will be reduced to match that guidance.