Discord - [A Clerical Error] - mute appeal - //accepted//

Discord Username: AtlasRules87#6439
Discord Nickname: atlas
Discord User ID: #6439
Reason for ban (mute in this case): posting a payday 2 screenshot of the white house raid after getting two posts deleted for politics
#mod-log Case Number (if available): #562 and #561
Why should you be unbanned (unmuted)?: i couldn’t stop myself im so sorry

i had the perfect image and caption and i have ZERO self restraint when it comes to posting things i really really shouldn’t


there’s not really much more i can say just please unmute me (no meme channel ban either please)

This gets to be one of those lovely educational moments. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. So, with that said, the fact you felt the urge to even write an appeal over what was going to terminate as a 2 hour mute is rather entertaining. We’ll put it at time served. No politics, and don’t try and undercut admins immediately after they do things.