Discord - [A Clerical Error] - Yanniert - Muted for 1000 years for saying the gamer word //ACCEPTED//

Discord Username: Yanniert#0836
Reason for ban: Yes, really, we do have a gamerword ban. Specific instance “No nigga load it with slugs”
#mod-log Case Number (if available): Modlog 380 and 381
Why should you be unbanned?: There are multiple reasons. Firstly, I didn’t realize that the gamer word used with no consonants at the end was still bad. Secondly, I never intended on using it in a malicious manner, it was just a slip-up in a friendly conversation about robust guns in SS13, and I just let it out. I apologies to any and all offended parties and promise to do my best to adjust my vernacular to the discord server’s standards.

So permit me to ask a couple questions regarding this.

First: Why would it be different? Like genuinely, why from a rules standpoint would we treat that differently than the full gamer word? It’s used the same way, and is effectively the same vernacular. Why would we treat it differently?

Second: You already have multiple modlog instances for NSFW content and violations of rules 5 and 5a in the discord modlog. Would you care to address these as well while we’re here? If this appeal is accepted we would expect your overall conduct in the discord to improve.

Edit: Specifically referencing Modlogs 374 and 375

From a rule standpoint, sure, treat it the same way. But from a human standpoint there is a difference between it’s use as a racial slur and it’s use as just one way of saying “my friend”. As for modlog 374 and 375, they are the same incident of me posting a picture of a hotdog that someone had ejaculated on top of. I thought it was funny. I didn’t realize that it would be considered NSFW content, and thus, à violation of rules 5 and 5a.

User no longer in discord: Appeal suspended.

The server is up for the weekend, please let me know when you have verified your discord account.

I have verified, even if I don’t quite understand what verification has to do with getting un-muted from the discord.

Verification has this to do with the un-mute. It lets us know that you’ve at least been on the server.

Your appeal has been ACCEPTED