Discord - Ansome- Humanoid - Meme restriction lift

Discord Username: Humanoid#5634
Discord Nickname: Humanoid
Discord User ID: 250089224202616832
Reason for ban: “Why do I need to warn you about posting in the meme channels every day? Posting false-positive fake viruses in the meme channels is frankly a new low for you. I’m hereby restricting you from the meme channels, get your act together.”
#mod-log Case Number (if available): 588
Why should you be unbanned?: I goofed up big time. I reposted the meme while I was sleep deprived. I thought “funni meme” and reposted it in #good-memes. Regretted my choice immediately and deleted it. I won’t do it again nor will I repost memes without actually watching it

:turtle: :gun: unban me or carl will die

I’d be inclined to believe it won’t happen again, but the fact that you got another warning for a meme you posted in #verified-twitter just a week ago doesn’t really help your case.


:frowning: I am sad…

Alright, I apologize for the delay. I’ve been incredibly busy as of late so my attention has been constantly drifting, but a review of this is long overdue.

Going into this, some part of me felt merciful enough to give you some leniency where it clearly wasn’t warranted after you “accidentally” posted a false-positive virus meme, but you had an offense in verified-twitter after the fact. To add insult to injury, that warning is for use of the N-word, which I’ve warned you about the use of before. Frankly, your behavior isn’t the worst, but I can’t in good faith give you leniency if you forgot our policy as quickly as you did after being meme channel restricted for an already pretty hefty offense. Appeal denied.