Discord - [Can't remember] - Yanniert - Let me back into meme chanels //DENIED//

Discord Username: Yanniert#0836
Discord Nickname: fish sticks
Reason for meme channel removal: gamer word
#mod-log Case Number (if available): Unknown
Why should you be unbanned?: I believe I should be allowed back into the meme channels because I have constantly had my epic ss13 edits sent into the highlights channel, clearly showing that I am not only a master of comedy, but also talented in making edits of dubious quality (yet high comedic value).

This means that the server as a whole is losing a lot of potential funny, and no one wants that.
Also come on man it’s been a long time and I haven’t had ANY problems or issues with administration.

Meme channel restricted is issued at the whim of administrators for a history of over-the-line content included but not limited to, shock content, racism, or sexual content.

According to your modlog, you fall afoul of multiple of these.

Denied due to the applicant’s behavior, which indicates that they are more interested in getting away with what discord permissions permit, rather than the spirit of the restriction as it was imposed.

Your appeal is DENIED!