Discord - [Corsaka#5169] - Takyon - N Word Debacle //STALE//

Discord Username: Takyon#9661

Discord Nickname: N/A

Reason for ban:
Included the word, and dare I say it, “nigga” in a post during a sudden debate where many members of the discord were debating whether or not the n word rule was really necessary for the discord. I did not advocate for the exclusion of the rule or anything like that, I just said it without much context and it was mostly a shitpost.

#mod-log Case Number (if available): 343

Why should you be unbanned?: I will use all the will power I have not to use the word in the discord from now on. It should be noted that the ban was not permanent, and will last for three days.

Forums are dead…

They are. @Corsaka probably want to take a look at this?

It’s possible to talk about the n-word without actively saying it. I do get it’s a shitpost, but we can’t really have a zero-tolerance policy if we tolerate the word.

Uh, this is super late, so the bot already auto-unmuted, but I thought I’d put this message in just to show that I do actually read things, just 3 weeks after they’re relevant.