Discord - [francium] - Porky Master - Shitposting Shenanigans //APPROVED//

Discord Username: porky master#2538
Reason(s) for ban: Failure to follow repeated warnings about violating content policy. Not a big fan of you having a mile long list of alts either.
#mod-log Case Number (if available): 223
Why should you be unbanned?: im just going to cut straight to the point and say that yes, maybe posting, generally insensitive posts is not a great idea along with not listening to admins when they tell me to stop, since it does violate rule 5, 5A, and i guess rule 1? since not listening to admins is kind of a dickish move.

I’d be fine with accepting this.

I too am fine with accepting this so long as all of your alternate accounts are removed from the server.

understood, i will remove /all/ of them

Would you mind providing us with a list of your alts, just so we can verify?

the sun-on-a-stick#1231, zongkong#9820, space chimps 2 国语版#4935, the sharpened volcano fragment#7847, swiss franc#3789,the quickie bomb launcher#4109, space chimps 1#0092, nevile chamberlain#6208, space chimps 2#6122, the tomislav#9964, better KMC#3472, mr porky#2148, robotsmoker#5544, reallifeheavytf2#1318, the Phlogistinator#3223, battlestar galactica#4551, loud noise next to ear#1149, nerdperson 01#5896, the sharpened volcano fragment#7847

ones that avoided the purge: Magos Faustus#2546, greg wallace#6090, the superior alt#5513 although the last two i can’t access since i dont remember there email, and all the “from lifeweb” guys

i will remove the ones that avoided the purge aswell, or atleast the ones i can, you lot will have to remove greg wallace#6090 and the superior alt#5513 yourselves.

Congratulations, your appeal has been fully processed and accepted.