Discord - [Kmc] - ondrej008 - Permanent ban //DENIED//

Discord Username: ondrej008#3301
Discord Nickname: ondrej008
Discord User ID: 191498851868213248
Reason for ban: I don’t exactly remember, but I think I posted some weird shit, Kmc then wrote a paragraph and muted me for 1 year. I then proceeded to get on an alternative account and post a video while pinging Kmc, resulting in both accounts getting permanently banned.
#mod-log Case Number (if available): 409, I believe (asked a friend for it).
Why should you be unbanned?:
First, I’d like to apologize for evading that 1 year mute. At the time I was posting that video on the alt account, it seemed like a funny joke, but a few minutes after doing so, it didn’t seem so funny anymore.
Second, in my opinion, I believe I have improved myself and my behaviour, and thus I don’t believe I deserve the ban anymore. I have a friend that sometimes sends me funny/interesting things from the discord, and it makes me realize just how much I’m missing out on, so I would like to be let back in. I also think that I could give something back to the other people on the discord, thereby improving their experience.

With all that, if a full unban isn’t possible, would just reducing it to a 1 year mute be possible?

The image in question was a hitler dolphin with a vagina on it surrounded by LGBT flags.


Our policy is clear-cut, if you attempt to ban evade it’s a permanent, non-appealable ban. No exceptions. Had you chosen to appeal the one-year ban, maybe you could have had it reduced, but that ship has sailed purely based on your own actions.

So, given the admission to ban evasion, commentary from the project lead, the fact that the ban initiated with the project lead, the extensive discord modlog history that you have, and the input from the community manager I think it’s needless to say this appeal has been DENIED. I will be willing to accept an appeal when directed to do so by the project lead. Any further verifiable ban evasion will be reported to Discord’s trust and safety team for handling by Discord.