Discord- [Sophie Garnier] - The Maggot Guy - Banned for art //DENIED//

Discord Username: The Maggot Guy#3950
Discord Nickname: The Maggot Guy
Discord User ID: 645842840785649665
Reason for ban: Continued minor infractions and constant skirting of rules and poking of staff. Breaking rule #1 with blatant disregard of staff warnings. You can appeal on the forums.
#mod-log Case Number: 244241518062338048

Why should you be unbanned?: Making art of someone isn’t really “bannable” or “dickish”. It was a funny jpeg that even another admin saw and chose not to act upon. I get that people don’t like it when you twist up their art, and I apologize for it, but I also don’t think this on the level of those guys who posted meth instructions and bomb instructions either. Also, multiple people straight up asked me to see it after I said “do you want to see it?” since I had worked on it for over an hour or so. As for “skirting rules and poking staff” I don’t exactly remember the former since it’s been a while, but I can see myself having done the latter, so I’d like to apologize for that too. As for if I’ve improved or not since then, yeah. I’m making it a goal this year to go as long as possible with fucking with people on the internet (unless it’s pvp in a game or something) because spending all my time going “fucking moron” in youtube comments for people making small grammar errors is bad.

The jpg in question

it looks all fucked up because we were all doing a thing where I used Beestation’s Beebot’s ?magik command to scrunch up (“Scrungle”) everyone’s profile pics, and I decided to draw sophie’s.

Examples (2nd one was mine):

2 month bump, 20 character limit

Hello? Can someone please look at this?

Hello! This was received, and the Staff member assigned has been re-notified.

Your appeal clearly shows that you haven’t learned your lesson on why you were banned to begin with. Continuing to disrespect the wishes of staff at the time of your ban by posting the very images that got you banned in the first place.

Appeal denied.