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Listen, listen. I didn’t say I wasn’t looking for a server to get a vouch from. I’m in the works of getting a vouch here. If anything, you’re wasting MY time.
Actually playing on the server would show much more than a vouch, but I still gotta get a vouch anyways? Is this kangaroo court…

You are not entitled to play on the server, and your behavior has made us understandably uninterested in hosting you until you have shown us that said behavior has in some way changed.

How are you susppoed to show that you’ve changed, though? Man I’ve made three or four ban appeals for a server I haven’t even played for ten seconds, is that not enough?

Why do you think we’re asking you to play somewhere else for a little while, and have one of their admins tell us that you’ve been a good player.

That’s what a vouch is. That’s why we want one.

What kinda servers would you accept for vouching? The host of off-brand TGMC is more than willing to vouch on behalf of my good behavior.

“off-brand TGMC” ? Define a bit more clearly. A link would be nice as well.

Furtermore, as administrative interactions are not allowed to be undertaken in DMs, This thread will be made public under the administration category.

Not only off-brand TGMC but also Tau Ceti classic.

Please have their administration contact us or post in an appeal thread vouching for your record of good behavior. Ideally from a community of matching or greater RP level.

What do you mean by “of matching or greater RP level”

We’re an MRP server, A vouch from an LRP server like, for example, hippie, wouldn’t really tell us that much.

Is there anything wrong with Hippie as a server? Do you just not like Hippie?

It had a lower standard of player than us.

I’ll reply back when I get a server that’ll vouch for me hol’ up

Are low-pop/obscure servers cool?

Define obscure/low-pop.

Okay, here’s how the game goes.
An acceptable vouch can be obtained from a server that

  • Has normal operational hours
  • Has an administrative staff which is reputable in the SS13 community (I.E. No chains of bans from major servers)
  • Has a viewable rules doccument which we can see.
  • Openly states and advertises medium role play or higher.

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