Dovah's Mentor Application ///APPROVED///

Discord Name:Dovahkitty
Wiki User: N/A
Living Playtime: Screenshot_18 :
Experience with NSV mechanics:Playing Paramedic, Engineer, Bridge Staff, Muni Tech
Why do you want to be a mentor:To help new players, Never hurts to help someone learn something new!

Some of them don’t necessarily have correct answers.

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off:
1- Get your fighter on a tug over to one of the open Mag-cat’s and do not press launch fighter unless you need to use a makeshift catapult and none are available
2- Press Battery, Fuel Injector and then APU in succession. Standby for RPM to go up and a green light to launch from ATC
3- If no ATC is on station Hit Maglock and switch your brakes off and push yourself out carefully
#2 What do you need to do in order to properly load the Naval Artillery, and what do you need to use?:
1- Grab a Muni Trolley and load it up with either a Standard round or a AP Round.
2- Arm the round with a Multitool and load it into the payload loading gate and hit feed shell on the console.
3- Grab 3 gunpowder bags and load them up into powder loading gate and repeat once.
4- On the console hit Pack from Loader for both sets of Gunpowder.
5- And now you are all set to Load Shell!
#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?: A great way to start learning NSV at least from my take is go in as a Cargo tech to pick up on all the items and what there is in NSV or join in as a assistant and ask the XO for a department to work in.
#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?: For new players i would suggest talking to the XO about what their strengths are and what they are interested in learning.
#5 What is the difference between an Executive Officer on NSV and a Head of Personnel in regular SS13?: Primary duties for the XO is to run the position of Acting Captain if the Captain is unconscious or MIA and to Manage squads like Damage Control, Medical, Security Fireteam, Muni Support And CIC Ops
#6 How do you heal and revive an IPC?: Welder for brute, Wire for burns, System cleaner for toxin, Soldier if they have trauma.
#7 What are the dos and don’ts upon finding your ship in superstructure critical?:
1- DO Check pumps if they are properly supplied with Resources and power
2- DON’T Stress the pumps above 100%
3- DON’T Just wait at Evac
4- DO Look around and see if anyone is down and get them to medical or evac as quick as you can.
5- DO Try And fix as much as you can so the path to evac is able to be used by all personnel.
#8 How do you reset an AI’s laws if they have been changed by an Ion storm?:
Well gain access to AI Upload one way or another if other personnel that have access are down and find and upload these 3 law boards in the following order Purge, Reset, Default.
#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners:
1- Wrench down the Particle Accelerator wire it and then screwdriver
2- Set the Storm drive to maintenance mode on the reactor console
3- Find and insert 5 Control rods into the StormDrive
4- Go to Atmospherics and find the O2/N2 Mix and set the mixer output to max and ensure that it is 50/50
5- Now find the Plasma constrictors and turn them on and set the mixer to max and Constricted plasma to 67/33
6- Make your way back to the Storm drive but pick up a Co2 canister if you can
7- Turn on the pump into the reactor to 700
8- Switch Maintenance mode off and Cold start on
9- Turn on the PA to 2 and standby until you hear the storm drive turn on then turn off the PA
#10 You’re an engineer and notice a massive drop in pressure in the AGCNR (nuclear reactor), what do you do?:
Check Atmospherics for any leaks or any broken pipes that lead to the AGCNR and check rods to see if that requires maintenance
#11 Detail the steps to take if the Stormdrive is close to melting down:
Scram the Stormdrive and pump Co2 into it and dump all remaining fuel in the reactor.
#12 You don’t know the answer to a question in a mentorhelp, what do you do?:
Refer to the wiki, If it is still unanswered Ask another mentor. If in the case that does not work test on a private server
#13 What is your favorite color? #7429c0

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After discussing it with the mentor team we’ve concluded you would be a good fit for the mentor team and are excited to welcome you!