Drop trooper kits

Currently, any drop troopers sent onto the ship gets SMG with few spare magazines, empty uplink, tools and that’s pretty much of it.
This idea is made to make them more variable, by adding a new uplink type(sure it’s possible since there are several types of them) for drop troopers with several kits to choose from.
Every kit should cost 12 TC, thus, the uplink should contain 12 TC by default, just in case if it’s gets a discount in traitor uplink.
The new drop trooper(s) appear with:
Jumpsuit, boots, spacesuit, mask, radio, combat gloves, oxygen tank in their left pocket, uplink in their right pocket, stetchkin on their belt(hope you can put it there?) in case of early discovery.
They take uplink in hand and choose their kit, which is getting nicely supplied in a backpack, which they should wear on their back.

Combat Medic kit:

  1. Medical equipment, consisting of:
"Medical equipment
  • Beam gun(don’t cross the lines!)
  • An advanced first aid kit(Mainly for synthflesh and atropine, also contains pentetic acid(I think) pill bottle)
  • Medical scanner
  • Standard medical HUD.
  1. Either:
    Donksoft LMG filled with riot foam darts
    C-20r with one spare magazine
    Rapid syringe gun with 6 syringes, containing:
Rapid Syringe Gun Contents

5u of Tirizine, becaue fuck off.
5u of Sulfonal/Chloral Hydrate, because fuck you.
5u of Lexorine, because fuck your lungs.

  1. Seclite.
  2. Smoke grenade.
  3. Energy Dagger.

Combat engineer

  1. Syndicate utility belt.
  2. RCD.
  3. C20-r with two spare magazines.
  4. 2 C-4s for breaching in.
  5. Seclite.
  6. Jetpack
  7. EMP grenade.
  8. Bloody red magboots.

Shock Trooper

  1. Stimulant medipen.
  2. C20-r with three spare magazines.
  3. 1 C-4 for breaching in.
  4. Survival knife.
  5. Seclite.
  6. Jetpack.
  7. Frag grenade.

Seems cool, but when I think combat medic I think of the medical beam gun, so maybe they should lose the patches and have a beamgun instead? Also I feel like nightvision medical hud is overkill, they should probably just get a normal medhud?

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Hm-m, yes, I think they should get either seclite or HUD. Let me change it a bit.

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I had an idea for adding something like a stealth kit to this too with the following items:

  1. chameleon kit with thermal goggles and no-slips (8tc)

  2. One of the following:

    -briefcase launchpad (6tc)
    -chameleon projector (7tc)
    -hacked AI module (9tc)

  3. sleepy pen (2tc)

  4. AI detector multitool (1tc)

  5. survival knife

  6. fake nuke disk (1tc)

  7. agent card (if they don’t get em already) (2tc)

Maybe it could work better if you can only buy one of these (in total, not per person ofc) but I’ll leave that for whoever implements it (if it does get implemented) to decide.
You can also add things like a mulligan, radio jammer, adaptive cutouts or the pocket syringe gun to it if it’s a little too boring right now.

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now imagine someone gets caught and this all stuff goes to ship crew

when drop troopers get caught (or die) they can blow up their internal bomb inplant and it’ll destroy the gamer gear too

What about afk?, To many IF