Dusklight's Mentor Application ///APPROVED///

CKEY: darkember45
Wiki User: N/A
Living play time: 302h
experience with NSV mechanics: Playing para med, AI, Engineering, Playing a fighter pilot, playing a bridge officer, and old munitions with slight dabbling in new munitions
Why do you want to be a mentor: Helping people is pretty nice, and can be fun!

  1. place fighter in a spaced section of the hanger using a tug [DO NOT HIT LAUNCH FIGHTER ON TUG UNLESS USING IT AS A GHETTO MAGCAT WITH SOMEONE READY IN THE FIGHTER] or a mag-cat if one is available. then in rapid succession click battery Fuel injector APU. Once RPM is at maximum click ignite once. the fighter is now ready for launch (assuming it has fuel).

  2. Collect shell using trolley, move shell next to the loading gate. activate shell with multitool. drag shell into loading gate. click feed shell. load 3 powders and pack them then load 3 more powders and pack them. then load shell it is now ready to fire.

  3. assistant and ask XO to assign you a job and mentor for best results, if you wish to avoid roleplay start cargo to learn all the items.

  4. same as 3 but let XO know its first ever shift.

5.XO is in charge of keeping the ship running smoothly and may not get all access unless it is a proper emergency. primary duties during combat if the bridge is staffed is to man the squad console and keep them working.

6.for physical traumas welder for brute and wire for burn. always clear burn first because an IPC in crit takes burn. if mental trauma solder will be needed to repair the brain damage. IPCs auto revive when health is high enough on all 3

  1. DO check the pumps are on DO check pumps are full of resources and set up DO make sure to manage the stress and load. DO NOT let the pumps flood by maxing stress DO NOT panic DO spray hull fix juice on armor plates if not under fire or desperate enough DO preform internal repairs of tiles and wall. DO move wounded to medical designated location (evac or med) DO NOT just give up and wait at evac unless ordered to by XO or CO

  2. Assess if ai is actively hostile, if so cut AI upload cam, if not, go straight to upload, select ai and use following modules in order Purge> reset> Default law board (Should cover any glaring law issues)

  3. set the atmos gas ratios of 33% oxygen 33%nitrogen 33% constricted plasma for a default mix. details on mixer setting are ship dependent. Ensure Storm drive is in maintenance mode and insert all 5 rods. ensure fuel pump into drive is 900kpa ensure output is on at maximum. double check everything then exit maintenance mode, set reactor to cold start and turn on PA until it activates. then set nominal operation for the pure basics.

  4. immediately check all coolants, moderator, and waste lines on their settings and for damage, inspect seals, and inspect the rods after stopping it to see if their depleted

  5. In an emergency case, flood with CO2 and dump remaining fuel if the waste is not clogged. set rods to scram. ensure the PA is off. Ideally A mix of cooled CO2 and N20 would work best to kill it, but in an emergency work with was is available.

  6. Reference wiki, ask another mentor, if all else fails check the code or try in a private test server

  7. R:76 G:96 B: 156

Re-posted due to life becoming stable once more.


After talking with the other mentors, we’ve decided you’d be a good part of the team and welcome you aboard!