DVNOfourcapitalletters' Mentor Application //ACCEPTED//

CKEY: DVNOfourcapitalletters
Discord Name: scone#8702
Wiki User: N/A
Living Playtime (OOC: View Tracked Playtime): 354h
Experience with NSV mechanics: Played for a while across a ton of jobs, good bit of captaining too
Why do you want to be a mentor: I want more people to play on this server and giving new players support means they’ll probably keep playing

Please answer the following questions:

Some of them don’t necessarily have correct answers.

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off:

  1. Bring tyrosene tank to fighter, make sure she’s fuelled
  2. Enter fighter, two panels will pop up: controls and DRADIS. Focus on controls
  3. Press the battery, fuel injector and APU buttons in that order
  4. Watch the RPM gauge increase, don’t press anything. Once it is at 100% you can disable the APU and ignite when ready for takeoff
  5. When igniting, make sure the brakes are off (press alt), move with WASD. Shift to boost, C to toggle laser guidance (nose of fighter points towards your mouse). If this is off, turn with Q and E. X for IAS if you’re into that sort of thing. Don’t forget to close your canopy. Don’t forget your internals
  6. Don’t worry if you die! Your soul is guaranteed a place in Valhalla for entering combat

#2 What do you need to do in order to properly load the Naval Artillery, and what do you need to use?:
You need a naval artillery shell, a munitions trolley and a multitool. Propellant is technically optional but recommended

  1. Move naval artillery shell to loading gate by dragging it onto a munitions trolley (make sure trolley brakes are off)
  2. Unload shell from trolley, arm it using a multitool (armed shells will have a red glowing light)
  3. Click and drag armed shell into loading gate
  4. Load gunpowder/plasma accelerant into powder gates with both hands (put that multitool away). Six gunpowder or three plasma accelerant is optimal (this shows up as 175% on the console). Let the gunner know on comms how much propellant you are packing so they can aim accordingly
  5. Go to NAC console, pack propellant behind shell. If you’re loading six gunpowder you’ll have to pack three first, then load and pack another three
  6. Feed shell using console, sending the live round up to the gun for the bridge staff to miss with. Now you can load a follow-up round into the empty gate for faster reloading, though it will need to be packed again

#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?:
Roles exclusive to NSV that are easier to learn like Munitions Technician or Fighter Pilot

#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?:
Roles that have little responsibility such as Janitor, Cargo Tech. After that, roles that have more presence you can quickly learn like Medical Doctor

#5 What is the difference between an Executive Officer on NSV and a Head of Personnel in regular SS13?:
Both XOs and HoPs function as second in command and guardians of Ian, though with the shared objectives amongst the entire crew in NSV (and lower pop in NSV), the XO often has to take on the role of Captain themselves to get the patrol going.
XO manages squads and ensures idle hands are occupied, while also keeping the staff in CIC informed of shipside situations or events. They should ensure orders given by the Captain are acted on by the crew and that slack is kept to a minimum. They should also aid departments lacking in manpower either by hiring people or by rolling up their sleeves and doing it themselves.
HoPs mostly just get AA and die somewhere with the entire armory on them

#6 How do you heal and revive an IPC?:
Use a welder for brute damage, use cables for burn damage, use a syringe of system cleaner for toxin damage, syringe of solder for brain damage, syringe of radioactive disinfectant for radiation.
IPCs will reboot as soon as they are healed, though be aware they have organic hearts that can rot if they’re dead for too long. If they reboot and immediately start clutching their chest, a replacement heart is in order.

#7 What are the dos and don’ts upon finding your ship in superstructure critical?:
DON’T: Panic. It’ll buff out if you do as I say
DON’T: Jump into another system (unless it’s immediately after SScrit happens, where damage will be minimised, and getting to overmap safety is impossible). The ship will not like that
DO: Disable active radar if it’s on, fly to a less hostile corner of the overmap
DO: Seal breaches, especially if they’re around CIC or the engine
DO: Make sure the armor pumps are on hull mode and not completely clogged, go out there with a tank of hull juice and extinguisher and hose the exterior down (watch out for stray projectiles). A welder also works in a severe pinch

#8 How do you reset an AI’s laws if they have been changed by an Ion storm?:
Ask the AI what laws it’s running. If it’s funny or not harmful, it’s probably okay to keep them. Otherwise, reset the laws at the AI upload, though make sure the turrets are disabled and the doors are unbolted (you’ll need access for this). Inside, select the AI on the upload console and find and use the reset board on it.
If there’s no reset board due to ship issue or ne’er-do-wells, use an asimov on the console, then a freeform (use in hand) and define all crewmembers as human.

#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners:
The wiki has a good guide for the engines and fuel mixes, otherwise:

  1. Make sure fuel input is off. Set the gas mixers for O2 and N2 to 50% of each, and for >26% constricted plasma to produce some actual power (50/50/50 on each works fine)
  2. Turn on plasma constrictors, turn on plasma pumps into constrictors
  3. Check your mix using the mix chamber console: using the steps above all gases should be around even (33/33/33). Set output pressure around 1000kPa to start and inject the fuel
  4. Set stormdrive to maintenance mode using console, insert five control rods directly into the engine (with both hands, one at a time), disable maintenance mode once this is done
  5. Assemble particle accelerator (wrench, wire, screw, scan parts with PA console), set it to 2 and enable it until the SD activates (cool noise will play)
  6. Disable PA and go back to mix chamber, set input lower (around 700kPa is good)
  7. Set rod insertion to 8
  8. Ensure CO2 is nearby in case of disaster. Check the SD console every now and then and listen out for radio alerts from it. If all else fails, check the wiki or scream over comms for experienced engineers

#10 You’re an engineer and notice a massive drop in pressure in the AGCNR (nuclear reactor), what do you do?:

  1. Check both moderator and coolant lines (check outside too for this one) for cuts
  2. Fix cuts in the piping and SLOWLY let gas back through, increasing how much you pump in as the pressure adjusts - flooding an angry reactor with gas will likely blow it
  3. If all else fails, check the wiki or scream over comms

#11 Detail the steps to take if the Stormdrive is close to melting down:

  1. Pump CO2 directly in to halt the reaction. The less you have to pump in the better as it will make recovery after faster
  2. Do NOT cut the fuel line
  3. If all else fails, try the SCRAM (full rod insertion), check the wiki or scream over comms

#12 You don’t know the answer to a question in a mentorhelp, what do you do?:
Try the wiki. If there’s nothing on it there, ask other mentors/knowledgeable players or seek divine guidance

#13 What is your favorite color? (Color codes accepted for this question.): Orange!!!

Looks good to me, it gets the headmentor stamp of aproval.