Firefox13 mentor app, round two //CLOSED//

CKEY: Firefox13

Discord Name:Firefox ✩#6003

Living Playtime (OOC: View Tracked Playtime): 206 hours at 23/06/2020.

Experience with NSV mechanics: Experienced.

Why do you want to be a mentor: Grew old for only playing, want to do something more. Fairly sure I’m knowledgable enough to be a mentor, but not too liked enough to be a trialmin.

#1 What does an ATC do?: Communicates with pilots, makes sure fighters are properly maintenanced, communicated with pilots, launchs ready fighters with pilots in them.

#2 What parts does one need to start constructing a torpedo?: Casing, propulsion system, guidance system, warhead, IFF chip.

#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?: Munition tech, to get familiar with new mechanics.

#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?: Assistant, to get familiar with SS13 interface and mechanics and not be a nuisance to everyone.

#5 Is an XO supposed to just act like a HoP?: XO is second in-command and outranks everyone but CO in terms of in-game ranks, yet he still is supposed to act as HoP, y.e. change crew assignments and make sure that cargo and service aren’t slacking off.

#6 Build torp?: fire missile

Could you please list departments or specific features you’re experienced with under “Experience with NSV mechanics”? Due to the timing of the existence of some roles such as “Atmospheric Technician”, many mechanics were very different or missing at the time of some of these role hours and to be honest I’ve mostly just seen you in assistant and/or vanilla SS13 roles recently, so more detail in that question slot would greatly help me.

I’m fairly sure munitions didn’t changed a lot, means torp construction(excluding probe torpedo, useful shooting at anything but ships) and loading procedures are still the same, but some torp building bugs were fixed.
Fighter pilot gameplay is almost the same, but now you can(and deck techs should) upgrade and build better fighters by using engineering, cargo techfab and science circuit imprinter. You start the building sequence by using chassis crate, which spawns the frame and follow examine steps. Oh, and launch sequence is a bit different.
Starmap update? Played bridge staff after update.

Your app looks fine to me, the only thing I was missing was the mention of the stormdrive. If you want to learn/ know how to use it then let me know and I’ll explain it if that’s necissary.

+1 if you got the stormdrive figured out.

Eats magnetically constricted plasma, launches with PA, the best percentage is 33.6%, when temperature goes up the control rods integrity goes more down, maintenance mode to repair the control rods with plasteel. No idea about new system, though, but should be mostly the same except control rods.

Yeah so the new system works kind of the same, also temperature is directly related to power output. But there’s a few changes, to keep the reactor stable you’ll want to keep the reaction rate at one point, currently about 2.9, where it will stop raising or lowering temperature the closer you get to it.
Control rods all have an integrity and the regular ones all have 20% total integrity value cause you can put 5 in the reactor at once. They can be put in and taken out when it’s in maintenance mode but if it isn’t then you can always burn your arm off trying to hotswap it without protective gloves.
Right now we also have a fun picture with what the different gases do but the important thing to remember is that the three fuel gases are plasma, constricted plasma, and tritium while the rest just enhance the specific aspects of the stormdrive in different ways, for example N2 lowering the rate of reaction.

Alright, understood, finally some ability to play with engine explosion size output for engineers!

Everything seems good to me


I’d like to put this application on hold, for (almost) the same reasons as other applicants, inability to play tests due to IRL problems, yada yada.

No ETA on when I appear again.

@ta3370 I think you’re supposed to close this application thank you…

Aighty, been away from NSV stuff for a while so sorry for being so slow at responding. I’ll close it.