Flo Hacksmith's Mentor Application (2) //ACCEPTED//

CKEY: Flo Hacksmith
Discord Name: Florb
Wiki User: Florb
Living Playtime (OOC: View Tracked Playtime): 617h
Experience with NSV mechanics: Played every job, generally main Engineering so my focus is there
Why do you want to be a mentor:
My reason from my first application a few months ago didn’t change: I still want to help new players

Now for the questions:

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off:
Step one: Fuel your fighter and check if the battery is full and all other essential components are installed
Step two: when you get in the fighter two windows pop up. Toggle the battery, fuel injector and APU in the control panel
Step three: wait for the RPM dial on the control panel to completely fill, don’t hit anything until then
Step four: Hit the Ignition Button and disable the APU
Step 5: toggle your parking brake with Alt if it is active and maneuvre with wasd

#2 What do you need to do in order to properly load the Naval Artillery, and what do you need to use?:
Required tools:
Multitool, Munitions trolley

Step 1: Grab an Artillery Shell (either Armour piercing or not) and move it next to the gate with a munitions trolley. Unload it from the trolley, hit it with a multitool, arm it (it blinks red) and drag it in the gate
Step 2: Insert either gunpowder or plasma accellerant into the powder gates
Step 3: go to the console of the artillery and “pack” the shell with powder from the gates , you can repeat this process how many times you like.Depending on how much you loaded a different “percentage” shows on the console. This will increase the speed of the shell when fired. Stay constant with this value over the course of a shift if you can
Step 4: Feed the shell to the gun “upstairs” so the gunner in cic can fire it

#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?:
With Experience from different servers good entry roles are jobs that are offer NSV specific content, excluding Head roles.
These are Pilot and Munitions Technichian.

#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?:
First you may like Jobs that allow you to learn the controls and later give you possibilities of learning different mechanics /aspects of the game.
Midshipman and Jobs within Service are good for this: Cargo Technician, Botanist, Cook, Janitor…

#5 What is the difference between an Executive Officer on NSV and a Head of Personnel in regular SS13?:
An XO also should manage Squads and therefore organize “idle” crew to do essential tasks. Besides managing IDs the XO should also be the captains eyes and ears outside CIC, since the captain will usually be there coordinating or even flying/gunning during battle.

#6 How do you heal and revive an IPC?:
Burn damage: heal them by applying cables
Brute damage: weld them
Toxin damage: Dose them with system cleaner via a syringe, as they cant take pills
Rad damage: “-” Radioactive disinfectant “-”
Brain damage: "-"Solder “-”
If the IPC died from Brute and/or Burn you can simply heal them until they reboot themselves, though if they died due to mainly toxins you need to dose them with the stuff and do Revival Surgery on a table with a connected OP computer

#7 What are the dos and don’ts upon finding your ship in superstructure critical?:
Bridge Officer/whoever is on the helm: Boost out of combat, stay away from combat and dont ping radar to avoid triggering enemies
Engineers:Make sure te well is loaded with materials and fully powered. Switch the Armour pumps to hull and stress them, though don’t let the Stress reach 100 as the pumps become useless otherwise and will need to be restarted
don’t keep fighting
don’t run out of mats or power on the armour well

#8 How do you reset an AI’s laws if they have been changed by an Ion storm?:
go to ai upload, select ai on the upload console, quickly apply purge and the default lawset on the console

#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners:
It’s best to refer to the wiki pages for the different maps. To pick one ill refer to Aether:
Step 1: go to atmos and turn the gas mixers leading to the sd (as labled ) of o2, n2 to 50 % (highly variable so i’ll keep it like this) and for constricted plasma to a value above 26%
Step 2: activate the plasma to the constrictor pumps below and activate the constrictors
Step 3: set the SD to maintenance mode and insert 5 Rods
Step 4: set the input pressure for the sd on the nearby console to around 1000kpa to get enough fuel for the startup in
Step 5: enable nucelium output, wrench wire and screw the prticle accellarator together
Step 6: disable maintenance mode and enable the pa until you hear the startup, then disable it
Step 7: turn down the input pressure on earlier console, 600 to 750 kpa gives around 50 to 61 moles inside the SD wich works quite well
prepare a CO2 can in advance, wrench a grounding rod to prevent damage from tesla zaps incase you run a high power output Engine

#10 You’re an engineer and notice a massive drop in pressure in the AGCNR (nuclear reactor), what do you do?:

this usually means the input was cut
Reasons are either that the space loop got hit by meteros or bullets or similar, or (rarely as well) sabotage
do this: check for the cut input and loop and inject some temporary (preferably precooled) gas

#11 Detail the steps to take if the Stormdrive is close to melting down:
Step 1: flood with co2 (shut down with increasing the percentage of co2)
Step 2: enable fuel dump on the sd console (decrease fuel percentage)
Step 3: disable fuel input (decrease fuel percentage)
Step 4: fully inserting rods degrades the rods really quickly, make sure you dont completely kill them by inserting and take them out as the heat goes below managable levels

#12 You don’t know the answer to a question in a mentorhelp, what do you do?:
Tell them to wait a second. Check the wiki, it knows close to everything. Otherwise ask other mentors

#13 What is your favorite color? (Color codes accepted for this question.):
still red

Mentor application accepted after some discussion with the mentor team, sorry to have kept you waiting for so long.