[Francium] - MonkeyMan901 - Banned for Reasons - //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: Wasn’t able to make one
BYOND KEY: MonkeyMan901
DATE OF BAN:10/16/19

REASON FOR BAN: “Get out.”

YOUR APPEAL: I’m sorry for messing up on the previous dead servers ‘Star Trek 13’ and ‘Deep Space’. Let’s forget about my previous reputation as I forge a new path into non-shitternest. I’ve had good behavior for the past 9-10 months everywhere I’m not currently banned. Been playing on IS12 the most though, and the host of it is willing to vouch for me (Matt#8267)

Alright, I talked to Matt and he said that while you had shown improvement he wasn’t willing to support a vouch. If you can secure a vouch from Beestation that will greatly help your chances.

I’m in the works of finding a replacement vouch, give me a teeny-little while.

A vouch has been secured from Austation’s Satu#8043, and it has been verified that they are on Austation’s staff team.

At this point I see it suitable with both Beestation accepting you in discord and an AUstation vouch to lift the discord ban. This will be done on the completion of the appeal.

Next order of business… would you mind explaining the ban evasion attempts? Are you willing to surrender a list of alternate ckeys that you use with the full understanding that only MonkeyMan901 will be unbanned?

I legitimately abandoned using alt ckeys all together months back, so I really don’t remember much at all when it comes to them. Whatever ckeys you caught are probably all my (once active) ckeys.

Just to keep you up to date on what’s going on I’ve asked the other leads to weigh in on the forum to get their perspectives.

This seems genuine and it’s been a while, so I’d be willing to give you another shot.

We mostly banned you here because you were such a nuisance on ds/st.

Is this thread going to escape purgatory anytime soon?

soon.tm I’ll aim to get to this on 11/6/2020

Yeah… about that.

Yeah, okay, guilty as charged.

After pending review and taking comentary from server operations, other servers, and the administrative team I’ve come to the following conclusion.

There are a few concerns regarding your specific case, those of which are your reputation on other notable servers, and the mile long list of alternate accounts. However, you come here asking for a chance after a long, long wait. One of the things that I’ve been willing to do for many people in this community is offer a hand of mercy to those who may yet become good players. To them I offer what I now offer you. I offer you one chance. I’ve received feedback both positive and negative about this appeal. I also however give you the warning, do not make me regret being merciful.

So, here’s how the process is going to go. You will have one ckey unbanned, that ckey will be the one on this application. If we find that you are multi-keying, you’re gone. If you break the intention of our rules, you’re gone. If I haven’t made myself clear then we can try other language to more clearly portray the thin wire that you may now walk on.

Your appeal is ACCEPTED Bans will be handled in the not extremely distant future.