[Freakycrafter] - sirpopotin - was perma'd for good raisin, but grown as a person //DENIED//

IC NAME: I honestly have no idea since that was 3 years ago, but i’m gonna guess briagu zoiter since that’s what i name most of my characters
BYOND KEY: Sirpopotin
DATE OF BAN: 2020-11-02 18:53:14

ADMIN BYOND KEY: Freakycrafter
REASON FOR BAN: “You killed someone for no reason and disconnected before you could get ticketed”
MY APPEAL: Ok so basically i just got the idea to play on this server from a few reddit posts with no idea i ever played on here before, but the ban doesn’t surprise me considering i was a little shit back then. but i promise that in those 3 years i have grown and become a better person who is not a greytiding unga assistant anymore. I assume my little Sethtide brain back then violated rule 1 of common sense, rule 3 of no griefing, and rule 6 of not ruining other people’s fun .In short, i would like to be let back into the server since it seems like fun and it’s been almost 3 years for me to stop being a shitterbrained griffon.

Since your ban was a permanent one we’d need a vouch from an admin of another server so that your appeal can be processed. Feel free to add it to this thread as soon as you have one.

Closing this appeal due to the lack of a response that included a vouch, as requested. Feel free to create a new appeal if you get one.