Fusion for begginer aka how to become Sun God


  1. Basic atmos knowledge
  2. RPD.
  3. Freezer and Heater
  4. 2 empty canisters
  5. Turbine or burn chamber

Ok i think we are ready first grab empty canister and RPD go to devices and make gas mixer this will help you getting burn can (burn can mix of plasma and oxygen that heats itself after getting enough temperature think around 90,000 K.

Ok get 2 connectors in 2 nodes of gas mixer and volume pump to connector in exit of it put empty canister in connector near volume pump set gas mixer to 33.33% oxygen and 66.67% plasma (it will show as 67% in mixer) (this method works if you have oxygen and plasma canisters in storage if not get pipes to mixer) enable gas mixer and volume pump than wait untill your empty canister fills use analyzer on it if it shows 66.67% plasma 33.33% oxygen you did great. Now make heater and put connector going into it set it to max temperature and wait untill your tank gets to 500 K after that unwrench it temperature inside it will slowly start to rise

Meanwhile set up turbine mix im suggesting 95% oxygen 5% plasma set scrubber to scrub only tritium make pipe line to manifold connect freezer to manifold volume pump connector you. This way you will get tritium to your other can that will be filled with fusion mix

Make another gas mixer set up like before but replace oxygen with co2 same values like for burn can 66.67% plasma 33.33% co2 BUT you dont want volume pump going on max power set it to 1l/s and wait untill you get 600 moles of co2 and 1200 moles of plasma it will go down to 500 moles of co2 and 1000 moles of plasma when you connect it to connector in turbine to get tritium analyze your tritium pipe in turbine if it haves around 330-370 moles of trit you good to go disable scrubbing in air alarm and wait untill it cools down set up volume pump to 1l/s and wait untill it gets 330-370 moles of tritium unwrench it and take it near your burning can.

Make connector heat exchanger heat exchanger connector wrench burn can in one connector dont wrench fusion mix yet make metal closets around place where you want to wrench fusion (it will start emittinig radiation and send nuclear particles if you did everything correctly if you get hit by one you are most likely dead ce hardsuit or being plasmaman wont save you) now you wrench fusion can if you have all closets around it made and closed exccept this where you are standing to wrench it analyze heat exchanger and wait untill fusion can reaches temperature like this inside heat exchanger. NOW UNWRENCH IT CLOSE CLOSET BEHIND YOU AND RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN IF YOU ARE RACE THAT CAN DIE TO RADS IT EMMITS SHIT TON OF RADS if you are plasmaman you can stay closer to it but unadvised cuz you will spread rads to entire station. Well thats how you make fusion if you did everything correctly and when it stopped shooting nuclear particles you can go and take it analyzzze if it went to temperature like 2e***(insert number in *) you did it correctly if it went cold your fusion was too unstable most likely too much tritium.


So if you get fusion hot to e030 or e30 and you have sm put it near sm doors like this one on metastaion box station etc etc SLAP IT IN Door then break it with fireaxe thats how you make INF temperature.

Some images of made fusions:

fusion went brrrr


If needed dm me on discord Alucard#1734 if you need help in game to make fusion its easier to show than to describe