Giving more things to do for not engaged people

First off I have played years ago and have been starting back up, the new player experience is most of the time is hard to stick with being a midshipman or being something stationary doing nothing. I think there should always be something to do. Have the player be engaged not waiting around.

To solve this issue I think there needs to be a overarching rebranding of professions that differ in flavor in being special from everything else. Give more identity to NSV

Bootlegger as mentioned in another thread was a very intriguing idea, have it be a bartender yet different from all the rest of what can be offered. It would always be interesting, engaging.

Mime and clown can be attached to a different profession and then they can go about doing their job with a changed re flavored opportunity. It conflicts with the theme of a military expedition to have them be outwardly there. Have them be there but slightly hidden, I understand it is NT not CM. Yet, I think the change would be good.

Change cook’s name to mirror that of cooks in the Navy, which are called Culinary Specialists.

Have midshipman be able to go complete a mission outside of the ship in a personnel carrier as an option. Let them and anyone else with captains permission be able to do missions like in science fiction. It can tie into the actions that can effect the entire crew, opening up much more opportunities. Now the curator can come along and try to translate an alien language, the culinary specialist can make meals on the go with what’s available.

planetary expeditions is not around anymore possibly for a reason, however so much love has been given to the captain and a select few of the crew. All other professions feel bland, stagnant left waiting for something to happen.

The option alone of having a unique game play experience would increase the health of the server

We need more variety in missions.