Gladius feedback

Put things you’d like to see changed about the Gladius in here!
And here’s a map for those who don’t wanna open an editor:

The top and bottom deck feel very similar, so much so that I forget which deck I’m on, I know this is rather vauge but it’s my main gripe with the vessel

Easy enough to fix actually, aside from the layout changes I’m already doing, I can change the tile theme, the lower deck being visibly darker tile or something like that. I’m also a big fan of the arrow paint I’ve seen on Bee and other places.

i would say scatter some hull juice crates and sprayers about and possibly convert the upper deck hangar into a mining hangar with disposals to and from cargo, or a hangar near where the cargo shuttle docks could be interesting having to communicate with cargo so send back the shuttle so you can leave/enter

I will straight up say that I will not remove the hangar for offensive fighter-craft and dropships and replace it with a mining hangar, though the area is getting an extensive redesign. The reason for this is that I am entirely unwilling to remove an element of gameplay from the map altogether.

I may split the hangar, as it is of sufficient size to support both mining and fightercraft, but I’d will talk to bokkie and confirm/deny the rumors of the roci going away. If that is the case, then im left with plenty of space on the lower deck for a mining hangar, an elevator to take mining ships up to main hangar, or the supplies/equipment normally found on the roci in that location.

I do like the idea of disposals, but as I recall, the hangar is already nearly directly above cargo, so it may be more efficient to just use a stairwell.

As to hull juice, I will throw them in at certain areas, despite the exceedingly low likelihood of someone other than an engineer repairing mainship.

The NAC guns are 2 spaces apart, which is just incredibly weird and fucks with any attempted set ups.
Also the airlock to the NACs were borked if I remember correctly.

I meant the one on the same level as cargo that doesn’t really seem to have a purpose see blue circle

wait Holon I just thought about it how the fuck do hangars on different z levels work

Medbay storage lighting is pretty poor, regardless if in GQ or Night Lightning. Could use a little illuminating.


I would say take this room out overall being lack of use for more room but that is just my opinion of it

this is a bit of a dumb idea, but the railguns are only used on the shrike, how about making the gladius use them too?

Can other scientists get access to the server room? It is so much easier on the aetherwhisp.

Medbots have trouble navigating.

  • Engineering
    Is there even a point to running a turbine? directly burning plasma would be a waste and rerouting RBMK gas to there is a chore.

What’s the point of the Emitters and shielding? Is the SM/Tesla/Singulo going to be added?

What’s the point of the shipyard in engineering?

The current 2 NACs and 4 Gauss is boring. Wasn’t there one time the admins tested a triple barrel NAC? Bring that back please it would make this ship more unique.

Yes, I’ll also make the room bigger.

Pretty sure that’s a coding issue, not a mapping one. Its possible that my streamlining of the ship layout will help, though.

If you examine the piping, you will notice that there is indeed a direct path from the general mix line to the turbine. The turbine’s primary purpose for competent engineers is to generate tritium at a decent rate while also generating power with minimal time consumed modifying the ship, though now that you mention it, I’ll build a Z-level connection into the output (though completing it will be up to the engineers).

The room is already getting repurposed. Into something useful. Suggest reading the engineering section of the current change notes.

As of the date of this reply, I have been asked by a dev team member to make the ship “NAC focused”. I am interpreting that as “make more boom happen” and the ships armament will be more akin to a battle-cruiser. I’ll keep the fighters, but the overall armament is going to shift towards heavy armaments over lighter ones. I don’t like 3 as a number though. That’s awkward to map and plan out. 4 is a much better number.

Current edit as of 18 Feb 2022

Alright, as I will be the one reworking this, here’s a list of things I’m planning on fixing, I will delete this post and remake it as the list gets longer (due to me having a post limit on this forum).

There will be a general theme and shift towards being a battle-cruiser. The ship will feature heavier armaments than standard ships while being intended for the same population as the tycoon. (Mid/highpop).

General Shipwide Changes
-Main Central Passage as much of the length of the ship as possible
-More access points to the upper/lower deck, in logical places
-Make the upper and lower decks more visually distinct (tile color difference at a minimum)
-Add hull juice in logical places ( its not going to be everywhere, but probably the same way that you can find welding fuel and water tanks in maint )
-Rebuild piping network into a dual channel loop with branches ( two main supply/return lines with the rooms branching off of them )
-Rework power network into a dual loop similar to the piping network

Department Layout changes :

-Relocated bridge farther back from the front on the ship
-Add an auxiliary battle-bridge

-Re-purpose Engi-Hangar to FTL and engineering storage, rework sections of engineering around this.
-Add return Z-level piping to the output of Turbine Generator. It will be up to the engineers to build further routing from that point, however, if they so choose.
-Rework AGCNR output piping to fuel shiny new nucleum powered FTL.
-Delete the Stormdrive (sorry engi’s, there just isnt the need for it, and it gives me a ton more space)

-Use space granted by relocation of engi storage to build mining shuttle hangar/elevator

-Rework entire bar, service area ( this ludicrously large for a warship and will be massively downsized in favor of it making sense, and removing the huge loop in the center of the bottom floor )
-Move recreation area to where munitions currently is

-Relocate Munitions to where security currently is on the upper deck, and where recreation is on lower deck
-Relocate NAC weapons to one space apart and add two more for a total of 4 NACs
-Relocate two of the gauss cannons to the other side of the ship where the AI used to be, and add public access shutters to both sets.
-Rearrange rooms a bit for logical transit from areas.
-Completely rework the hangar airlock system and associated layout so that it doesn’t have its airlocks jam 20 minutes into the round
-Remove non-mining sabres entirely.
-Reduce overall fighter footprint on the ship by reducing the size fighter pilot briefing, pilot equipment room and relocating them and the fighter armory to better positions within the hangar. The forward side of the hangar will primarily be focused on the fighters.

-Rearrange time-critical spaces (surgery, chemistry) closer to access points
-Move spaces that are not time critical (virology, cloning, genetics) to farther away from access points

-Reduce security department footprint on the ship ( you’ll still have pretty much everything, just in a smaller space so you don’t have to travel half a mile to get to things )
-Relocate department to where munitions currently is
-Add torp gulag- perma will have torp parts and one or two machine arms along with a couple munitions carts. Prisoners assigned point values will have to manually add the parts, and have the machines do the actions, one at a time. Tedious, but helpful without granting prisoners tools.

-Integrate AI sat into ship itself, replacing unused midshipman section of ship near bridge ( no transit tube nonsense for you )

-Give toxins more than a shoe closet to work in and if feasible, bring bomb range onto lower deck to make it possible to test more than one bomb a round
-Give all sci dept access to the server room, and expand its size.

-I do not get to assign maneuverability, armor, or speed values. I will be arguing for increased straight-line speed and a moderate durability increase (to accompany the theme), but that is balancing, not mapping. I can influence, but not control, what the head-devs set. It is likely that when the ship first gets test-merged in the experimental-rounds in a few months that those values will be less-than-ideal.
-The intention is to encourage the use of the ship as a battle-cruiser as opposed to a carrier. Fighters are intended as an auxiliary armament/point-defense armament on this vessel as opposed to the primary armament (like it is with the tycoon).
-I cannot use the Engi hangar for mining shuttles due to Z-level code for fighters and sabres being functionally random if there is a return magcat on multiple levels, making it so that i functionally cant use it for mining sabres.
-All current armaments will be kept, though I may choose to add another pair of gauss cannons. The railguns were extensively reworked by karmic, are single level, and I have no idea how to make them work, even if I was inclined.