Goat Monarch (H o nkkkk?)'s application //APPROVED//

CKEY: Goatmonarch
Discord Name: Honk Monarch [Goat Monarch#7431]
Living Playtime (OOC: View Tracked Playtime): 147 as living, 113 as a clown. Which is the only play time that counts.
Experience with NSV mechanics: Knowledge of all parts that exist. Understanding of how our engine works (currently last I heard Karmic is making new gass interactions.) Not much experience within munitions outside of knowing you need oil, and how railguns work.
Why do you want to be a mentor: I already guide new people around, and help when I am not busy clowning about. This just makes me able to say helpfull stuff with a single HONK now when it’s actually functional.

#1 What does an ATC do?: Air trafic controlers are responcible for opening shuttlers for returning jets for their landing, and also are responcible for launching jets. Anything outside of this is just additional responcebility.
#2 What parts does one need to start constructing a torpedo?:
Purchase three diferent construction crates from cargo, the torp assembly should be easy, given most of our assemblies guides you whenever you inspect them. RnD can also unlock a tech for torp part printing if they are actually doing their job.
There is also the option of purchasing completed torps.
#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?: When doing a hop from one server to another you should always do a vanilla job they are comfortable with. Chemist, bartender, chef, botanist are a viable option since there are pratically no changes. Scientist are a viable option if you want to get used to star map, with the scanning machine. ATC is a good first step if you want to get into piloting, and MT if you wish to learn about munitions, since it’s always staffed.
#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?: After having played assistant to be comfortable with controls you should look into Janitor (not very important often, teaches you the map layout, you have something to do), the Bartender (Great introduction towards chemical reactions, teaches you the social aspect, teaches you what brig cells are for when you end up shooting someone), or chef (Teaches you the crafting menue, and custom crafting. Great introduction towards melee combo systems, and co-operation from botany.)
#5 Is an XO supposed to just act like a HoP?: The executive officer are the Head of Personel in spirit, but have more responcebility. They outrank all other heads, and work directly beneath the captain. The XO should be the one handling the departemental issues and ordering heads to do stuff within their department. This used to be the captain’s job, but on our server he should mainly focusing on controling the bridge.
#6 Build torp?: Just go buy a torp crate. You’d be able to aquire a fuckton of cargo bounties durring your “torp construction” time, yet you’re here wasting time thinking you’re saving cargo money. If I actually played as the QM I’d slap your pittyful self the moment you approach cargo.
#7 What jobs would you not recommend to new players?: Do not join in as Science, Engineering, Security if you’re new. Do not play medical if you have not read the wiki pages. Do not join as botany, since the role is very high maintenance, and feels unrewarding unless you know the systems. Your co-worker is also most likely going to powergame really hard, and may not be of much help till later in the shift. Just ask them about Botany as a chef in a curious manner after you’ve filled out the tables with food and you’ll have a better time.
#8 What jobs should you do when you’re comfortable with your earlier jobs?: Try and play as the chemist after you’ve gotten the hang of Bartender. It teaches you the medical system on a basic level, rewards you by helping crewmembers and co-workers. You also learn to always have a wiki page open whenever you do stuff, which is going to help you in the future. You can test out other medical jobs, or expand your horizon into science to learn machine modularity, and engineering for basic repairs and construction. Heads should only be picked when you’ve played several full rounds of every job within said department.
Security should only be picked when you’ve singlehandedly killed your first ape, and have been throughly introduced to how an officer should detain someone first hand. From our next pull from bee, we’ll aquire deputies as a thing. So you can ask for deputy access from the XO, get equiped by the HoS and learn about the role from the sidelines.
Only pick up XO after you’re aquainted with all departments, and have a general idea of what they do.
#9 How does one become a good clown main?: After you know some base jobs, become chaplain and have your religion to “honk” and “honkmother” as your diety. Set your bible to the clown one (by either activating it in hand, or alt-clicking it.), and changing your rod to the clown dagger. Hang out with the clown for some shifts (if he does a prank, you get arrested and he does not get arrested you’ve failed). Pick up clown once comfortable, and keep your SoP in mind. Even if security does not care about it, it guides you into becomming a funny boi.
#10 The clown is asking for a gimmick idea what do you tell them?: Inform them that if someone’s prone, you target their legs, and click them on grab intent you near instantly steal their shoes. Commedy ensues.
#11 Why did you add four (five) additional questions?: Honk.



Funny clown man.


You did exceptionally well on Questions 7-11

Clown man knows how game works

Seems good