God (Gremlin This Time)'s mentor application (Take 2) ///ACCEPTED///

Discord name:God (gremlin this time)#8666
Nickname:God ¦ Mining Gang Fern
IC name: Fern Brooks
Wiki Username: Pontenerd

Experience with the mechanics: I have played medical,Engineering,Science,Mining,Munitions and some others, i (roughly) know how to set up the stormdrive, and i fully understand munitions (done some light wiki work for munitions)

Why do you want to be a mentor: I feel like i have the knowlage now to help the community, and teach new players how to play NSV

What does ATC do?: ATC should open and close doors for pilots taking off and landing, make sure that deck techs are ready to service the aircraft, use the Magcat system to launch pilots, and inform pilots of any major events onboard (such as the stormdrive exploding or boarders being found) and dispatch a raptor/ order the ship to retrieve a escape pod

What parts are needed to make torpedoes?: purchase or print a torpedo casing, propulsion system, an iff card, warheads, guidance systems, then assemble and load them.

Whats a good role for those new to NSV? I would say for the first round, pick a job like chef or janitor to learn the layout and the general feel of the server, then play munitons tech as the job isn’t overly difficult to do and teaches you an important part of the gameplay on the server.

What is a good entry role for those new to SS13? if it is your very first round, play assistant to learn the controls, as no one expects them to be doing anything productive, then after you have learned the ropes of SS13, pick a job like a janitor to learn the layout and dealing with angry people you slipped.

Is the XO a glorified HOP?: I think while the XO and HOP’s roles intersect, they are very different as the XO deals with squads and should be dealing with departmental problems if the head of department cannot solve it on their own. They should also be ready to take over as acting captain in case the captain dies or cannot serve (or there is no captain in the first place.)

Build torp?: load MAC

Made some edits as Honk Monarch suggested
#1 First, ensure your fighter is fuelled, then flip the ignition,battery, and then the throttle lock. Next, turn on the APU and disable throttle lock, then press the moment controls until the engine bursts into life
#2 See above
#3 See above
#4 See above
#5 See above
#6 A railgun is static, fixed to the axis of the ship, and fires in bursts, whereas the MAC tonight can fire one, strong shell in any direction
#7 As the ships helmsman, you need to dodge enemy fire and rescue downed pilots, and fire the coaxial railguns, whereas a pilot flies their fighter while shooting their cannon, missiles or torpedoes
#8 Press the disconnect from AI shell button in the top right.
#9 first, put the reactor into maintenance mode, then insert reactor control rods, once you have done that, take the reactor out of maintenance mode. Then you need to make your gas mix. a 75% o2 25% constricted plasma mix works well (although it doesn’t make the most power).
#10 Lower the reactor control rods, add cooling gas (if you have it) if the rods are at low integrity, get a radsuit and insert new rods.
#11 Red, cause it makes things go faster

Hello tis but your recidential mentor clown here to give you some WACKY advice!

You should probably include what IC name you use normaly, since it’d give people reviewing this more of a name for reference.

If you check the OOC tab on the official server you can find a status screen, listing out your play time. A great thing to include in your application!

Thanks wacky clown! I’ll be sure to get those added in now

What do you mean by saying you can roughly set up the stormdrive?

I can get it to make power and not melt down, but Im not a very compitant engineer

I’m not really sure on this one, While you have plenty of living playtime and the answers to the questions are good. I haven’t had much experience with you on the server, so I’m not fully sure on how knowledgable you are. I’ll give you a +1, but I’m not fully confident about it.

The overall app is okay, though you should probably get more experience in as an engineer (also with our new reactor) because the answers to question #9 and #10 are not all that good and from what I could tell your 10 hours of engineering gameplay have mostly been before the rework of the drive that introduced different gas interactions. -1 until you’ve got a better grip on engineering (and specifically the reactors’) mechanics.

Although you aren’t the most competent in engineering, you are at least knowledgable in other key areas that often get questions. We’ve come to a conclusion to accept you and train you on reactors/engineering to fill in that gap in your knowledge.

Accepted - I apologize for the delay in the decision making process.