Have Problems With Shitsec? Tell Me Here!

Hi, folks, your local HoS Taigo Johnson here. I know we’ve been having trouble with some members of Security, recently. As you know, I’ve worked my hardest to root them out, but I’m only one man! If you have any problems with a Security officer- This does not mean them arresting you- say, not following SOP, tell me! With your assistance, I am able to keep a closer eye on the goings-on within Security.

Don’t die, and stay safe.


If this isn’t a shitpost, it’s probably the shitters that are complaining about shitsec, I personally haven’t seen many cases of shitsec.

help I play sec sometimes and I shit what do I do

Yeah this is mostly a shitpost. But also if anyone does want to seriously complain, feel free.

hi yes i want to complain about 1 brig physician, you see i was casually minding my buisness as antag and she had the audacity to come and try to baton me, i had to go out of my way to cut them into pieces. a waste of my time, a waste of their time, a waste of everyones time!

Help sec find me when tator ban he for metagaming

help sec used double disarm on me i think he have carp!!!

Detective is the only good sec role. It’s why I only play Detective. Fuck you Taigo, HoS sucks compared to Detective.

detectives and brig physicians always end up shitters. thems tha roolz.

no u shitter

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Sometimes as a warden, my knuckleheads like to get rough with the prisoners, I usually please them with a minor bullying before we throw them in the cell so they don’t hold much of a grudge and so that we get stuff done more quickly, it’s like running a kindergarten.

i am going to self report and say i shove jeffery jefferson and others who shove me back against a wall constantly

hehe taigo big forehead