Hey kids! Wanna listen to some tunes?

Hey kids! I’m still retired, but I’ve been having a blast teaching thus far and I positively adore my students. Thus far a few of them have said I’m funny so I’m pretty happy about that as you’d imagine. Thanks again to those of you who were supportive of me departing to follow my passion and career.

Anyways kids, I made the Amogus category because I got many complaints that Amogus posting was lacking in NSV13 since my departure, so this category is for all your spicy Amogus memes. Nobody revoked my forums access because nobody actually comes down here to maintain it anymore since I left, so quickly post that 'mogus before the mods arrive!

Anyways, here’s some tunes.

Remember to behave yourselves outside of the 'mogus channel, administration is tough work!


Glad to hear everythings working out for ya’. And I’m very grateful for the tunes!

Thank you Ansome now I finally have a place to share my amogus


andome, you bring an unparalleled pestilence upon these quiet forums. the curse you bestow us with has brought naught but pain, suffering, and death.

what grade do i get for this writing prompt? i’ll give you an anatomically correct heart if you bump my points up by 50%

This isn’t a classroom, this is the Amogus posting channel. You get an A for effort but a D- for Amogus posting.

Anyways, here’s more Amogus:

Update: Wow, really surprised this category is still up! Do me a solid, kids, and go ping Francinum on the Discord with your best Ansome impression while telling them to get back to work. I can guarantee they’ll love it and hopefully do their job at managing the forums.

In the meantime, I’m still having a ton of fun teaching and hope you lads are doing well! Here’s hopefully the last Among us funny. Enjoy yourselves!

Gotta add to the tunes while we still can!

more music

Quick PSA