[Host] - Folrick - Banned for fire bombing //CLOSED//

IC: I do not remember sadly
Key: Folrick
Date: 8/11/2020
21 days

Reason: Firebombed security then ghosted when they were arrested, general low-teir shittery. Sit out for a few tests if you even come back…
Ban Id #274

I apologize, I should not have made combustible lemons in botany then behave the way I did. There was something magical about being a fighter pilot that I will be disheartened if I can’t play before classes kick off. Getting screamed at for being a first time flyer for my sheer incompetence was the best experience I had in this game.

Looking over the notes, I think a 21 day sit out is an appropriate sentence. Please take some time to calm yourself, read the rules again, and then come back when you are ready after the ban.

We will Deny this Ban Appeal.