[HOST] megastar1234 - DCing after murdering CT //ADJUSTED//

IC name: Josh Braun
Byond Key:megastar1234
Time: Perma
Admin: Host
Reason: DCing after murdering a CT
Appeal: Said CT did not speak common and I wrote to him to ask him to get off the Rocinante. I believe that the CT was disobeying my orders. (CT are below miners in rank) The idea to space him was actually not my idea (Other Miner suggested it) and Sec was unavailable at the time. I asked/warned the CT several times to get off the Rocinante. I was breaking RP rule 2.

Security was defending against boarders at the time. Also, other miners helped kill the CT

I saw the situation unfold, aswell as checking logs during it, instead of attempting to remove from the mining vessel, you elevated from Shoving to being the first to start shooting, the other miner walked in and saw both you and the CT firing at eachother, and the situation devolved.

Even after he was on the ground you continued shooting him, and then left him alone bleeding out, instead of removing him from the mining ship and bringing to medbay, leaving you responsible for the death and their permanent removal from round. And then you disconnected without answering a ticket.

Due to elevating the situation from non-damaging straight to lethal and then continuing to execute once neutralized, without bringing them to Medbay.
Ban ADJUSTED to 2 Hours as the Perma was to enforce a reply due to logging out mid-ticket without replying.