Is it acceptable to putting preztels ona peanut butter sandwich?

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No just put the peanut butter on the pretzel.

Peanut butter on a pretzel is unacceptable

What kinda pretzels we talking here? Doughy ones or those weird lil’ ones? not that it matters its bad on both.

DO NOT put pretzels on a sandwich.

What about cutting a pretzel in half and using that like the bread in a sandwitch?

then the pretzel becomes the sandwich

yes, that is infact my goal

Do not do this. It creates mustard gas!!

Isn’t that mixing bleach and ammonia?

What if I put mustard gas on a sandwich, is it just a sandwich with mustard?

This is the worst discussion chain I have ever had the misfortune to join.

Always late to the party, but i bet ruby wishes you were late to a few more things

This is the worst reply I have ever had the misfortune to read.