Jelly-Slimepeople Roundstart Race

Suggestion: A round start Slimepeople race.

I found out a lot of people, including myself, enjoy slimepeople as a race, and not everyone plays a scientist, so we thought it was a good idea to suggest it here.

If it’s possible, I think a citadel like jellyperson would work the best. They take 50% less damage from burn, triple damage from cold and inverted toxin damage, which drains their blood, (Like any other slimeperson).

However, they do not have the ability to split into more copies of themselves, but still have the ability to regrow limbs and the new ability to change their apperance. (Hair, and… other citadel things we don’t have here. )

The problem with our jelly-people is… they’re kind of broken. (Sprite-wise. And the jelly-people here don’t even have hair, iirc)

The slime-people sprite, on the other hand, is completely fine.

『JOJO』#4087 suggested that these slime-people should have a double metabolism rate.
(Me and a few other people think that’s a bit much, but y’know, ‘balance’. Perhaps a 1.5, or a 1.25 would work better.)

Also *squish emote


They shouldn’t have a mouth, instead they should just shove any pills or food into their body


They’re slime ~people~, not slimes.

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we did it.

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I think that’s a bit overkill myself, as slime people already suffer from incompetent doctors, and cold damage. But i guess it’s fair if people still don’t find them “balanced”.

What do you mean by it?изображение

What does *squish do? Does it squish the slime person or does the slime person just squish themselves

The slimeperson just goes ‘[slimeperson] squishes!’ (and plays a squish noise, like clap and snap play their noises (Oh wait, isn’t this only in citadel))

As seen in Kepler Station (Rip Kepler Station)

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Felinid main
Felinid main

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Says the slimeboiy

i must squish‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎


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That’s my job, thanks.

Polaris had their slimepeople (Prometheans) take heavy toxin damage from water, whether it be contact or ingested. Could do something similar but with burn damage.

Well they already take inverted toxin damage, and double damage from cold, sooo…


add this so i can stop being called a snowflake race pls