Jmlop0’s Admin Application

BYOND KEY: jmlop0
EXPERIENCE WITH SS13: uncounted number of years
EXPERIENCE WITH ADMINISTRATION IN SS13:Was a admin(?) when a user named Mwahahahaha hosted, don‘t remember much cause it was long ago
YOUR TIME-ZONE:Eastern Daylight Time
AVERAGE AMOUNT OF HOURS ACTIVE PER WEEK:unable to give an average since I’ve recently moved and have been unable to get back into SS13 consecutively
I wanna be a admin/moderator because I wanna be part of something bigger and to help the community that I’ve grown I enjoy.
WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A STAFF MEMBER:To help keep the rules followed and to help people have as fun of an experience while staying friendly to one another.
QUALITIES THAT ARE IMPORTANT FOR A STAFF MEMBER:Honesty, Trust, Activity, Patience, Self restraint, sportsmanship, and most importantly in my opinion, Kindness

Please answer the following questions:
They don’t necessarily have correct answers, please answer as truthfully as you can.

#1 When is it okay to Adminbus?
#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have?
Antagonists add excitement and flavor to a round, but shouldn’t be allowed to end a round immediately and with no warnings or make the round impossible. 
#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react?
I’d listen to the accusations and if they have good reasoning and sound logic to them I would accept punishment from those higher ranked than me. 
#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power?
Giving your self for no reason a antag role, resurrecting yourself, using info you’d normally not have to your advantage, and throwing your role around to get what you want. 
#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act?
Staff are here to make sure people have fun and make sure chaos doesn’t consume everyone over something that could be resolved and to ensure people treat each other appropriately. Staff should act reasonable, friendly and like everyone else, but should be able to bring down the hammer if it is ever needed and ready to interject in brewing issues.

…Can you clarify that a little?

It was a sandbox server and was mostly just playing around really with a few people joining.

I wouldn’t call that useful or admin experience, but thanks for clearing that up.

No problem, I’ll gladly answer any more questions you have.

Does Adminbus not mean admin abuse? Because I’m unsure what else I could have put if it does. Because unless it means utilizing your powers for non-ticket related things such as helping set up power when no one knows how to, or to do something fun for the crew that isn’t round ruining or something of that nature then I’m ok with that if it’s done responsibly.

What would you usually expect your times of coverage to be? In other words, what times are you expecting to be able to administrate on server?

Well, at the moment my sleep schedule is messed up so i’ll have to get it straightened out first before giving a definite answer, but it’d be generally when ever I can but to put it into actual numbers would be hard.

Adminbus is roughly defined as ‘using your powers for things not strictly related to mitigating a code issue or investigating a ticket.’

Ah, then I retract my initial answer then, of course it can be fine to do so, but only if done for entertainment of the server and not just yourself or at the expense of someone else.

May I ask how the process goes for this if you consider me?

This slightly concerns me. It’d be nice to at least give times where you could be active.

This is something else I want to mention, because I’ve suffered from this problem myself in the past; you need to occasionally be ready to abandon kindness in favour of moderating the server.
Since this is apparently the most important factor for you, would you say you’d be able to give up being kind when necessary?
Which quality would you say is the second-most important in a situation where you have to disregard kindness?

As for personal opinion, Jmlop has been pretty okay on server; I do remember some ehh behaviour around 3 months ago as ERT, but from what I’ve seen he’s learned from that. His personality seems strong, and he isn’t disliked by anyone from what I’ve seen.

Withholding judgement until I get answers to all three of my questions.

For the first question, I’ll be able to get on pretty much from 8am to 12pm EDT everyday of the week unless something comes up.
Second and third question of course I’d set kindness aside when needed because it can’t solve everything appropriately. Thus you need to be stern when handling issues when push comes to shove and words and warnings won’t be appropriate or suitable for the situation.

Overall this application looks good so far, I’m just going to run a quick scenario before I go ahead and give this my approval.

You’re currently the only administrator on and thus you get to deal with things. You see a non-antagonist beat another non-antagonist player to death with a toolbox. You arrived part way through the fight, but you definitely saw how it ended. What steps would you take to further investigate the situation, and what actions might you take in an administrative role if any rules were broken? You have the full power of admin tools available to you in this situation.

Can you clarify what admin tools are available to me, as I do not know what tools would be available. I need to know what is at my disposal.
But I would if possible check chat logs and attack logs to confirm what I witnessed happened the way it did.
I would then ask the dead player what happened either in deadchat first or directly, and compare it to the evidence I gathered.
If it was a out of no where murder by the first player I would hand out the appropriate punishment (I am currently unaware of what punishments for actions the server delivers atm) after asking them why they did it, if they respond at all.

General admin tools that you’d typically have are attack/chat logs, antagonist status and objectives, history of bans on cooperating servers, and notes that have been left by other admins.

Then I’d check notes on both players as well as see if either have ban history while in the midst of asking what reason the person killed as a non-antag.

I’m satisfied, seems rather reasonable on most fronts. We’ll see how you do. +1

I can only hope I live up to all your expectations.

Willing to give an attempt. Though I haven’t seen Jesus Miller on the server, you have been connecting and getting playtime.