Jolly Sausage Superthread

Please include issues of the new ship made by Francinium here.

Please bullet point individual issues and include good reference points or pictures regarding the issues that you’d like to have corrected or addressed.

…Was it merged…?
Oh, no, it wasn’t.
For reference, the PR itself:
What jobs it’s going to lack: изображение
Map itself:
The link above is for general look and it’s already outdated. How to get an up-to-date map:

the way




The hydroponics is still mediocre.



I’ll just repeat the possible solution to make it better from my comment on PR:

Possible solution

Only 9 trays. It’s really not enough, even for two botanists. I suggest you should rearrange them, for easier movement and bigger amount of trays.
Suggested arrangement:
It brings amount of trays to whopping 14 , which is more than enough for two botanists.
Zero buckets. As far as I remember, botanists don’t get them in their lockers/vendors. Please, add atleast one on watertank and another one on the table.
Missing hydroponics watertank, plant-b-gone spray bottle.
Missing all-in-one grinder.
Missing box of beakers and syringes.

Tool storage should be bigger, it also lacks spare/lying around tools and medkit.

Tool storage


AI upload/AI core should have a robotic charger.



Missing tile.



What is the beaker for? Also, missing white clothing locker.



Maybe add another maintenance entry?



The hydroponics is still mediocre.

Your map image is out of date.

Tool storage should be bigger, it also lacks spare/lying around tools and medkit.

It’s fine.

AI upload/AI core should have a robotic charger.


Missing tile.

No it’s not.

What is the beaker for? Also, missing white clothing locker.

Synthflesh. So cloning can, y’know. Operate.




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The jobspawns for removed roles are mostly there as a ‘just in case’

CMO locker contains 100u synthflesh pack. And cloner is filled roundstart.

Oh, and one body requires 90u if cloning isn’t upgraded. That beaker isn’t even enough for one clone.


Table/windoor here.

Because chef will probably ask for flour and other stuff, not only plants.


I know it’s for airlock cycling, but then remove the tiles after it because it looks bad.



Also, I kinda like the idea you don’t use impeneterable undestructible fuck-you blast doors at all. Thank you.

There is a distinct lack of chairs in the Justice Office

There should be a pump sucking the waste loop, otherwise filters will do very very pathetic. job of replacing it. Same goes for distro.

Filter between stormdrive and constrictors for when they just pass plasma through

Engineering would like a pipe connection from Mix to Stormdrive input for mixology reasons

Engine room lacks air alarm.

изображение lacks scrubber

My brain has shortcircuited due to wiregore

Lockers in front of vendomats in engineering

Suggest these be moved like this to fix

there’s no lamp in the engineering/hallway airlock

No floor tiles under medical desk tables


The departures/hallway doors are very dark so maybe add a light there
Public garden outside of botany can also use a lamp because the plants need light

Tool storage can use one of those tool lockers or a rack with some stuff here


RD office has the CE office door

There’s no science server in tcomms

This ship also lacks EVA.

The research servers aren’t cooled so they don’t generate points