Lancashirelad's mentor app, maybe //CLOSED//

Ckey LancashireladGotHacked
Discord Name: Lancashirelad#3738
Wiki User: N/A
Living Playtime: Unable to accurately view around time of writing, 150+ hour estimate on NSV
Experience with NSV mechanics: Fairly experienced
Why do you want to be a mentor: Ive done this type of thing before, havent mentored in over 2 years going on 3, havent liked a server enough to want to mentor, guess this is the exception

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off
First make sure there is fuel in the fighter
Afterwards press the battery button then the fuel injector and lastly the APU, wait for the RPM meter to fill up, once full turn off the APU and hit the ignition, once ignited press alt to turn off the breaks and WASD to control movement, reccomended to also press X upon takeoff to turn flight assist on in order to have better control whilst leaving the hangar
#2 What do you need to do in order to properly load the Naval Artillery, and what do you need to use
Starting with tools
Multitool is all you really need, but just incase we count the munitions trolley as a tool, we will include that here as well
Step 1, acquire shell
Step 2, move shell to NAC chamber via trolley
Step 3, Unload the shell and Multitool to activate
Step 4, Load shell into NAC
Step 5, Load gunpowder (or plasma accel) into all 3 powder racks
step 6, use the console to pack the shell
Step 7, repeat steps 5 and 6 again
step 8, upon the shell reaching 175% feed the shell to the gun
step 9, Start blasting
#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?
In my opinion I believe that munitions technician is probably the best role to start with for a new player, it gets them accustomed to NSV’s new mechanics while also showing them what the server is all about, fighting fleets of opponents and working as a team to destroy whatever comes against you, which would appeal to the average SS13 player
#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?
For this question im just gonna take what I know from the TG codebase and apply it broadly

I believe cargo technician is and will always be, the best starting role for any new player, its the best to learn the controls, best to learn player interaction and overall very low risk and not terribly demanding, allowing the cargo techie to relax and learn at their own pace
#5 What is the difference between an Executive Officer on NSV and a Head of Personnel in regular SS13?
I believe the difference between the XO and the HoP is as follows; The HoP in a traditional SS13 sense, is the lowest ranking member of the crew but is also able to be promoted to the highest ranking member of the crew at any given opportunity, they are assigned simply to change ID’s and fill in where it is needed

The XO on the other hand is the straight forward, second in command of the ship, they still follow the traditional lines of the HoP, their main purpose being ID management and to fill in the gaps if the captain isnt there, but they have much, much more power as they arent the lowest ranking member in the command hierarchy.
#6 How do you heal and revive an IPC?:
Starting from the top
Brute - Weld the body parts damaged
Burn - Apply wires on the body parts damaged
Toxin - System cleaner
Oxygen - scream
#7 What are the do’s and don’ts upon finding your ship in superstructure critical
Im going to list what each role should do if they find their ship in SS crit
CIC staff: Keep the ship out of direct combat, do not jump, do not jump ever not even if you are in a really bad situation, its not worth it
Engineer: Get yer hullfoam and start spraying everywhere, make sure the reactor doesnt go bang and if need be shut it down to prevent any additional accidents
Scientist: Assist engineering by using hullfoam to patch up anything, dont let the god damn slimes get out
Cargo: Assist engineering by using hullfoam to patch up anything, order more hullfoam and EVA suits if required
Medical: recover, heal and revive any crew you come across, if you have nobody to be healing you must be doing hullfoamin
Munitions: You live in munitions, you dont leave, make sure all the guns are operational, reloaded and ready for the next combat engagement, for the love of god do not stack nukes in one solitary corner all together, while its funny it is also a guranteed way to metaphorically and literally “nuke” a ship
#8 How do you reset an AI’s laws if they have been changed by an Ion storm
In most normal circumstances head to the AI upload, acquire the reset board and upload it to the AI
In uncommon circumstances, creating a brand new upload and reset board may be necessary
#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners
This aint my forte so lets do this.

Setup everything as normal following steps to setup the stormdrive, fuel rods in the stormdrive, particle accelerator on (only for a second though dont leave it on permanently that creates problems) after that pump a fairly tame gas in, nothing too crazy, I say a lil bit of N2 to get the reactor going
#10 You’re an engineer and notice a massive drop in pressure in the AGCNR (nuclear reactor), what do you do
Again aint my forte, lets go

if the pressure has dipped ill check for a few things, one if theres a hull breach, if there is, well that explains it

if there isnt ill next check the temprature of the reactor, if its cold ill know why the pressure is dropping and ill make sure not to pump anymore gas in, just on the off chance it warms up again and I create a super spicy meatball as the italians say.

If the above isnt happening ill most likely shut it down, investigate for a minute, fix and potential errors, broken pipes so on then restart it monitoring it once again.
#11 Detail the steps to take if the stormdrive is close to melting down

First of all, get the rods lowered to something acceptable, preferably below 100%

Flood the reactor with N20 to calm the beast down
#12 You don’t know the answer to a question in a mentorhelp, what do you do?:

I would attempt to ask someone else to answer their question for them, but if nobody else is available or doesnt know, I would most likely say to them the following “Ey bud, sorry thats not really my line of expertise but ive got the wiki page here that deals what you’re after in more detail if you want to have a read”
#13 What is your favorite color?
Royal Purple