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So, back on Para, we had a mortician profession. Their job? Whaddya think. They used a scanner to scan dead personnel, which would give a vague overview of what damage they took over the round- say, they received a slight/moderate/severe amount of damage from EVA? It’d either give a vague or exact origin of what hurt them (see: EVA)

I really want to see it added because a lot of murder scenes, I feel, can be further analyzed with autopsies, and not just scanning the area, hoping against hope that the perp left prints, blood, fibers, etc. Instead of a vague ‘severely bruised’ ‘slightly burnt’, you can pinpoint almost exactly what caused it and such. Plus, it enables you to disregard any after-murder damage. Say there’s 100 toxin damage and 100 brute damage? You scan them, you find out at the time of death, the most extreme damage was toxins. So, you figure out they were poisoned, not beaten to death. Plus, you can analyze husked corpses much easier- actually, the ability to scan husked corpses, I feel, would be sort of based. So, as long as the corpse is not husked, you can figure out how the cadaver died.

This also encourages Medical working with Security, as usually, there’s a Brig Phys that just heals every prisoner thrown into the Brig, makes a medbay out of their office, and becomes sad because there are never any prisoners except EoCs.

Make more arrests dammit.

P.S. In case anyone is blind, this is from Paradise. I loved this system.

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Right, got sent back here to nag you until its added. You know what it does, sends faxes to CC so every round there’s an incompetent Captain I don’t have to mutiny or arrest them every. Single. Time. In addition, every time I arrest the captain, I have to send a report, right? This means using the Cap’s ID to access the console, and not my own. Pretty sure there’s SOP or Spess Law against that?

Point is, a fax machine for every head! We really need a way to contact CC without the supervision of a potentially incompetent Captain. And of course, if somebody wants to abuse them, smite them, berate them IC, whatever, announce that they’re being added, set guidelines for them, the like.

Oh also this would promote paperwork.

P.S. I know this is a general thing most servers have but. Just to clarify. Paradise fax machines. :sunglasses:


Just stop arresting the Captain.

Stop being worthy of arrest.


I think a private shuttle for crewmembers would be cool, maybe just a raptor that doesn’t look like a space pickup and that can’t haul cargo

This is a good idea but at the same time I am uncertain if its feasible for us as that system exists from baystation and their code is rather incompatible.
It would take a lot of effort to essentially make the system to a adequate degree than a half baked one. For the roleplay standpoint and partial plans that exist we would likely love to have it but at this time we may not have the ability to do it.