Low pop round solution idea

note i posted a similar thing on discord i am just going to use the same thing i typed there

I think the main reason why the servers have been low pop is that people don’t like eclipse that much so they wont join, meaning you wont get the required amount of people for a bigger map like hammerhead or tycoon. Right now for example there are 3 players on eclipse and the rounds 10 mins in, i don’t really want to play eclipse so i wont join and you might have say 10 people in that same situation if they did all join they would probably have the required people play a proper map like Hammerhead or Tycoon, but that doesn’t mean they would change they map those people might have to sit though 1-2 hours of playing on a map they don’t like, meaning they wont join, meaning the server stays at low pop.

I think the solution would be to have less things to worry about in shifts with a small amount of players like a certain amount of power produced if there are no engies to keep the station running, that would start to go down when engies joined and a couple of blue space miners already there producing resources, things like that could be added to support low pop crews and taken away when they reached the sufficient player number to run that department.i understand that this would probably be a lot of work but i think it would increase player numbers. anyway that’s what i think do with this what you will.

Fergatron/John Gregson

I really have not seen that many people complaining about the eclipse, infact, I have seen people say that they really like it.