Moccha Poehl attacked a clown that did no wrong -- //RESOLVED//

Player Complaint - [null] - [Moccha Poehl ]

Your ckey: Goatmonarch

Your IC name: The funny clown guy

Your Discord ID:Goatmonarch

Date of round: 2020-10-23 y-m-d

Round ID:1109

**Defendant’s IC Name: Moccha Poehl **

Defendant’s ckey: null

Complaint: Repeatedly struck me with a turned off nano-saber, causing me to fall into crit even though I had infact not injured a single invidual.
Terrel Laurenzi were an officer at the time also repeatedly punched me, the clown. Even though he’s experienced that I had not blown up a single bomb the entire round. Even gave me a few incorrect brig sentences.

An advisory was issued through admin PMs in the next round and a github issue was created after testing and finding that even the turned on ion saber does not deal any stamina or stun type damage. This incident has been deemed in part a bug, and the person in question has been advised of the new developments and also advised to seek more non-lethal options first if possible, even when getting honked on. This thread will remain open for 1 week for comment.