Munitions Mech upgrade

Wojtek the bear! But hes a big angry repurposed mining mech!

In short, a simple upgrade that can be added to Ripley mechs (MK1, 2 and Firefighter) that allows it to grab and load torps and other large munitions objects as neccessary.

No sprite changes needed, just a single new one for the module itself, the Ripleys already have nice big grabby arms, perfect for LOAD TORP duties.

Torp grabbing upgrade for Ripley.

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That sounds like a great idea. I’m concerned about how crowded some maps munition rooms are though. Is it realistic to expect a ripley to be able to maneuver there without blocking everyone else?

A mech could work a lot faster than an MT, so less would be needed in the bay, but yeah, it could get in the way

True true, but frankly the carts already take up the “gets in the way” slot, the mech just acts as cart + loader, so in reality its both on one tile.
It`ll still get in the way, just like carts and unloaded torps, but frankly a good MT crew/Mech crew should know how to move.