Munitions troubles

Hi, I will start off by saying that I am pretty new to NSV and I am beestation pleb. I only started to play like 2-3 weeks ago (since the servers started to freeze every 3 minutes, maybe me joining caused this ?) But I got to play for some time as munitions tech and I want to bring some points I thought of.

I know the munitions are getting revorked to it might not even matter but it might be best time for this.

The naval shells.
So one of my main activities so far was loading the big gun.
The shells are more practically transported in crates rather then trolleys meant for that because they dont have same loading time.

They keep decreasing in capacity as you use them eventually becoming useless.
Could be fixed by giving us ability to disassemble them to trolleys parts and reassemble. Or you know just fix them.(no it is not because I loaded gunpowder in them wich actually works now.)

Pre-packed shells
So you make a shell and load it but you probably want to make shells for later use so you keep making them. When you make the second shell you eject it and just leave it there in the gate tile for easy loading and keep doing it. Then you have like 6 packed shells on one tile ready to load just by dragging them from floor to chamber.
I think this is bit gamey or whatever and that you should be able to keep just one shell on a tile and keep the premade shells in racks or trolleys not just under the chamber. I dont like it but I do it so I dont hamper the rest of the crew.

The first few shells.
So I load the first shell to both guns and load it then I proceed to make second pair and I try to load them which shouldn’t happen as I already loaded one but it does and the shell loads leaving me thinking if I am delusional about the firsts loading.

So we enter the combat and it time to shoot and reload. The question for me is How do I know when I need to load new shell.
So far only method to tell if the gun is loaded is that you cannot load more (so you just stand there pressing load) or that bridge will tell you (which haven’t happened so far.) Or apparently going to top deck and examine the gun turret.

Rockets and torpedoes
So one time I offered to load missiles and make trips and MAA just told not to bother because they are useless

Might add more if I remember something.

Honestly yeah, crates are just better than trolleys right now. Trolleys are kinda borked codewise and crates are really, so much better

When do you reload? Typically i just listen for the sound of the boom but i realize it’s not that loud. there’s supposed to be a console in the MAA’s office that shows you what’s loaded, but it’a broken and won’t work

I know that some of the leads want to do something about prepacking, as the NACs were built for two or something. Personally, if I wanted to remove prepacking I would make the packed powder stay in the gate until the shell is loaded

are torps even good in fighters anymore?

I like the idea of prepackaged shells I just dislike that you basically stack them on the loading gate instead of storing them in trolleys or special racks for them. It just feels like an exploit to have dozen completed shells right there where you ejected them.

I Pm’ed Kmc about this two weeks ago. Two, Weeks

Newernitions will be addressing a fair number of your issues with our current munitions system and will be coming out shortly now that we are no longer experiencing technical difficulties. Bug reports can be made on the Github, though I will be addressing them with Kmc personally. Either way, thanks for interacting with the community!

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