Napoleon (god(not the ai)) mentor application - //RE-APPLIED//

Discord name:Kmd#8666
Nickname:Honk Czanek

Experience with the mechanics: I’ve played med, service, some sec, munitions, engineering, and ATC, and maybe some other I might have forgotten. I understand most of munitions, and I can assemble the particle accelerator and run the stormdrive without blowing the ship up.

Why do you want to be a mentor: I’ve heard the mods and admins saying that they need more mentors to help out, and I feel like I now have enough knowledge and playtime to be able to solve most of the common problems that would come up.

What does ATC do?: ATC should open and close doors for pilots taking off and landing, make sure that deck techs are ready to service the aircraft, use the magcat system to launch pilots, and inform pilots of any major events onboard (such as the stormdrive exploding or boarders being found)

What parts are needed to make torpedoes?: purchase or print a torpedo casing, propulsion system, an iff card, warheads, guidance systems, then assemble and load them.

Whats a good role for those new to NSV? I would say for the first round, pick a job like chef or janitor to learn the layout and the general feel of the server, then play munitons tech as the job isn’t overly difficult to do and teaches you an important part of the gameplay on the server.

What is a good entry role for those new to SS13? if it is your very first round, play assistant to learn the controls, as no one expects them to be doing anything productive, then after you have learned the ropes of SS13, pick a job like a janitor to learn the layout and dealing with angry people you slipped.

Is the XO a glorified HOP?: I think while the XO and HOP’s roles intersect, they are very different as the xo deals with squads and should be dealing with departmental problems if the head of department cannot solve it on their own. They should also be ready to take over as acting captain in case the captain dies or cannot serve (or there is no captain in the first place.)

Build torp?: load railgun

EDIT: just fixing spelling and formatting errors

When someone asks your discord name, you generaly should copy it fully(including discord tag), so a person can add you as a friend by using “Add Friend” button.

E-excuse me, but how can you assemble it?

As for XO, dealing with squads should be as easy as working as ATC, in my half an hour’s experience of experimental test.

And holy shit, zero hours as dead? I’d give it +1 if I was a staff member. изображение

Alright,I’ll give it a few edits

I know how to wrench it down and wire it and stuff

The stormdrive? You can create a new one?

Oh,I meant the particle accelerator,lemmmie change that real quick

Further applications are closed for an indeterminate period, apologies for the inconvenience.

Seems like an ok app to me, though I would like to know the hours you have in command and if you’ve played bridge staff and pilot (preferably the in-game playtime list if possible) due to your playtime which is still a tad on the low side. Also please update your Discord info in here if you change it on discord.

+1 if you do all of the above and you know the general command playstyle/RP rules and how 2 pilot from firsthand experience.

I would like to put my application on hold for now due to all the major updates happening now,and not having a chance to learn to play them, so untill I’m confident with them myself, I don’t want people coming to me for help and not knowing what to do.