New Bots! (Title needs to be 15 characters, soooooooo.)

I was thinking and had few idea for bots (like floor bot, clean bot, etc):

-Hull Bot: Goes around placing atmos resin/metal foam/inflatables where walls used to stand. (I.e. in breaches.) Could be made with using a proximity/robot arm on a atmos resin tank.

When emagged it could go around spraying atmos resin everywhere.
“Breach detected!”


-Engie Bot Goes around outside, repairing the hull. Could be made by using a proximity/robot arm on a welding tank.

When emagged it could find the nearest person and welderbomb them (or something less severe) after a small delay.
“Damage detected!”
“You’re welcome…”
“No, don’t thank me, Heh.”


-Hug Bot Goes around a hugs people that are sad, if no one is sad, it hugs a random person. And holds their hand. Could be made by using a proximity/robot arm on a robot arm or something else. (Suggestions to what else would be nice! ^-^)

When emagged, it could go around yelling insults and slapping people.
“C’mere you!”
“What’s the matter, I’m here for you.”
“Don’t cry.”
“I love you!”
“Stay safe!”

“No one likes you!”
“You’re no better then an assistant!”*
“Go away!”
“Go back to maintenance, you rat!”
“Greater than sign, colon, primary parenthesis!”

-Farm Bot Goes around, maintain plants. See baystation robotics for construction.

When emagged it gives plants toxins.
“Splash splash.”
“Don’t do space weed, kids.”

-Service Bot Goes around offering food to people, can be given food from the chef, or synthesizes junk food. Could be created by using a proximity/robot arm on a tray.

When emagged it dispenses food from the sustance vendor.
“Here, have a soft-cake.”
“Not poisoned, I promise!”


I like your ideas!
Mostly bots have inversed, far more destructive abilities after being emagged.
Service bot should simply poison it food, Farm bot should spade all the plants, Hug bot makes me fucking cry already. Nice!

The system for hull Armour is being reworked soon its likely to be reworked before the codebase goes to regular testing again.

main problem with the bots that currently exist is that the pathing has to be hardmapped in and the pathing code is a bitch to work with, so it’s unlikely we’ll ever get these until that’s dealt with