New Patrol Objectives

As fun as it is to go around blasting syndis, it can get repetitive, or even unreasonable for low pop crews. I think a little objective variety would go a long way to help with the variety of each round.

Astrological Survey
The crew is tasked with going to a specific sector and launching a probe into the star of that sector. The sector may be in syndicate territory, so be careful of patrolling fleets.

Supply Transport
A Nanotrasen ship has sustained heavy damage and requires the delivery of supplies in order to resume operation. Load a freight torpedo with the requested materials, go to the sector the stranded ship is in, and launch the torpedo to the ship. There may be syndicate in the area, so be ready to defend the ship.

Boarder Assault
An objective aimed as more of a challenge for high pop crew. Nanotrasen wishes to perform a surgical strike against the syndicate, and need the enemy boarder forces to be damaged/destroyed. The ship needs to go to Rubicon or Tortuga and attempt to defeat the fleet in that sector. If the fight goes on for an extended period, then CC will let the crew know they distracted the boarder fleet long enough for stealth ships to slip past and that they can disengage now.

High Priority Bounty
An high ranking Syndicate officer has been seen in one of the nearby sectors. The crew needs to search multiple sectors for the VIP transport ship and destroy it. The VIP will attempt to evade the NT crew, and will likely have an escort.

[Classified Communication] Level (1-10) Threat Detected
AKA, a boss fight. In another suggestion thread I did on potential ships and bosses, I outlined ideas for several single enemy boss encounters that could make for their own objectives. These of course are often born from the many horrors that occur on Nanotrasen stations (Blob, cults, revolutions). Given the sensitive nature of these threats, Nanotrasen wants the crew to locate and eliminate it as quickly as possible before word of it spreads.

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