New Species: Lightbulb people

On Fulpstation their is a meatman species. Though I personally dislike fulpstation I think the concept of the meatman is really cool. The meatman requires that you gain 20 burn at the start of a round I think this is good because it encourages the player to be more aware of whats going on.

My idea based on the concept of the meatman is to have a species of lightbulb people. At the start of the round they will start to die of cold damage they would need to go to a cyborg charging station where they would essentially turn themselves on (Not in the :flushed: way) when powered on they will be hot to the touch so if someone hugs them with hug intent they will burn themselves. The advantages of the class would be the ability to burn those who try to robust them and pull them. The disadvantages are slowly dying from cold damage at round start. When turned on it might be hard for people to heal the lightbulb person. Now this isn’t a very comprehensive version of my idea but id like to hear some opinions on it.

we already have a similar race called etherials (they are literally light bulb people)
here’s their specifics

Oh right. Forgot they existed haha.