New unique antag idea

soul keeper work by placing a hex on a item (you cant tell if a item has been hexed)

this item must then be held by a player for 5 mins the soul keeper can tell as a marker will appear to show if someone is holding a hex items and when there soul is ready for harvest

the idea of this is during the starting stages of the game a should keeper want to get as many items hexed as possible to get setup for the late game this means at round start this antag is helpful as he want to get hold of items and give them to people who want them

ok so what do hexes do
when a hexed player dies for any reason there “soul” goes to the keeper making them stronger/gain abilities after X souls the keeper becomes more visible with “X” changing to balance the antag I would personally recommend 3 as this means the soul keeper now has 3 abilities to play with

players who died when hexed will resurrect after X amount of time with “X” changing for balance reasons I would recommend about 30seconds to 1 min they resurrect as a abomination (or whatever really) and have the objective to kill as many people as possible as this makes them stronger

now remember anyone hexed who dies will also make the soul keeper stronger and cause more abominations to form

Abominations have good melee resist but are slower than normal players in till they get 1-2 kills. They are unable to interact with things and are only they to cause a distraction unless they can get kills they are not that dangerous but give killed player something to do and give the soul keeper the distraction he will need to get more kills

when killed a abomination drops the corps it was resurrected from meaning the player can be cloned but only after the soul keeper has been killed a faint mist around the corpse would be a good way to tell if a soul has been stolen from a corpse

finaly the soul keeper himself
Starts as a regular human with the book of souls a item required to get his powers after he acquires souls and required to curse items
After gaining a soul he can use the book to purchases a upgrade/ability with more powerful abilities costing more souls
the soul keeper start weak but relies on good setup if you can get a lot of people cursed by the time your found out due to a abomination spawning and getting your first soul a lot of people could be cursed and your ready to cause chaos
abilities could be anything we often see from phasing though walls to teleporting to going invisible

Why i think this antag would be good for the game
During early stages the antag causes no harm and the antag is encouraged to get/give things to others helping them
causes a bit of chaos and distrust almost the crew as you often wont know if you have been cursed till its to late so people don’t want to take random shit from strangers or this is this a soul keeper? even when he is not in the round (muhahahaha)
does all its damage in rapidly causing either a round over if it succeeds or if it fails everyone who dies can be revived reducing the round disruption while letting everyone have some chaotic fun for a few minutes

if anyone has any ideas for changes let me know but this was my idea of a basic outline of a fun stealth antag that has a explosive finish the ultimate plotting antag

I like the concept of this, but I don’t really think it’ll fit in on NSV.
The length of our rounds varies wildly depending on what happens (or doesn’t happen) on the overmap, it would be really annoying if you rolled this and the round ended in 30 minutes.
The chaotic murder-filled deathmatch at the end is also a bit out of place I think, as we really want the crew to be able to fight the tougher starmap enemies at that point (things like Rubicon or Tortuga) and mass murder just gets in the way of what is basically the primary gameplay loop of NSV.
All in all, cool suggestion, but probably better for a different server.