NSV Roleplay Rules and Guidelines now in effect

As the title may suggest the RP rules and guidelines that were earlier discussed are now in effect, and have administrative weight behind them. We encourage every player to read these rules, as we advise with reading our server rules, and hope that you all find the RP standards of the server increasing.

General Rules

This section covers RP rules that should be followed at all times to the best of your ability. These for the most part do have some form of IC ramification, and may also have OOC ramifications.

  • Those who wish to disengage from fights should be allowed to do so
    • Translation: If someone wants to stop fighting over a minor thing you should also stop hitting them.
    • Security: You should also allow peaceful surrenders as often as possible. Using the compli-o-nator in your face mask can assist by providing audio cues.
      1. Note that using the compli-o-nator for stupid messages may get it destroyed.
  • Beating someone to death over minor items is not acceptable behavior in RP. Someone taking your toolbox isn’t sufficient reason to get them beaten to the point of cloning or crit.
  • If you beat someone into crit, you should take them to medbay unless you have a valid reason to not do so.
    • Valid reasons include: They are an antag target, you’re attempting to surrender to security, security has tazed/stunned/otherwise incapacitated you, you’re pausing to let a medical professional catch up and treat the person!
    • Valid reasons do not include: “Because I didn’t like him.” or “Someone else will get him.”
  • Don’t break into departments to do their jobs if there is someone manning the department that you need something from.
    • Translation: Just because “The CT is slow” is not a good enough reason to hop over their table and do it for them. Wait at the desk and try to get someone from that department.
    • Author note: We don’t want to start lightning bolting people for table hopping. Please don’t make us.
  • Any Creepy/gross/ERP-like behavior may be smited without warning. We don’t want to see it, the server doesn’t allow it, we’re not going to accept it in our community.
  • Any Centcom Official is permitted to summarily dismiss someone from their job.
    • Fully impersonating a centcomm official (E.g. Headset, Uniform, ID, etc…) as a non-antag to grief, harm, or otherwise harass players will be considered griefing.
  • You should not assume the duties of another crewmember or enter another department without a proper escort from that department, or the crewmember in question’s permission.
    • This means no sprinting into the engine room because “the engineers aren’t turning on the FTL fast enough!”

Heads of Staff Rules

This section covers those RP rules that are relevant and should be adhered to by heads of staff. This is an extension of the basic RP rules.

  • Heads of Staff are held to a higher standard than basic crew, they have had to work hard to get to their position and would not be there through incompetence and inability to lead/delegate.
    • This means you should have a good general knowledge of things in your department, be it engineering and atmospherics, research and robotics, or genetics, medicine, and virology.
    • You should also attempt to delegate tasks, or at least instruct those who are unsure how to do them. This helps not only the RP experience, but also ensures that other players gain from your knowledge.
  • Heads must ahelp and should appoint a successor to their position before going to cryo.
  • As XO you should not add access for a department unless the appropriate head of staff has authorized the transfer.
    • Note: This can be done through paperwork!


This section is a set of IC guidelines to assist in helping RP flow in general, and should be taken into consideration in game. As they are not regulatory there are likely only IC ramifications for not following them (such as being arrested for not following orders), although they may be referenced in administrative rulings alongside a rule violation.

  • Heads, Loudmode should be treated as disruptive, and therefore limited, this is a bit dynamic and personal, but try not to have it on 100% of the time.
  • If you’re carrying/dragging someone in crit, you should stop if a medical staffer is chasing you down. They probably have meds.
  • Communicate with your crewmates. You’re a team, and at the start of the shift you don’t have a specific reason to distrust someone outside of meta information. Ask for help through common or a PDA message!
  • Generally follow orders of people above you.
    • Translation: If it’s within the realm of your department, do what your department head tells you to unless it would violate SOP or space law. SOP and space law are good reasons to not do things.
    • Security: Department heads are allowed to request the assistance of security in punishing people for not following orders, through either demotion or a brig sentence.
  • You should wait for someone to actually act as a threat before you start valid hunting them.
    • Example: The AI is a busy job, and may not be immediately able to respond. Calling “AI ROGUE!” because they didn’t open a door for you isn’t a good reason to get people valid hunting the AI. Being slow as an AI isn’t a crime. Sometimes new people play as AI.
  • Security is allowed to, at the Head of Security’s direction, arrest the captain for dereliction of duty if the ship is in a state of emergency.
    • Notes: This should be ahelped by the HoS, and the brig sentence should be short (3-5 minute timer). The HoS should also submit a full report to Central Command IC.
  • If two heads are available, you should have two heads of staff at a minimum for the changing of laws or carding of an AI.
  • Heads of Staff should act as a relay between their department and command staff, and the Captain is the relay between command staff and Centcom. You should always attempt to act through these channels rather than going around them. Heads of staff who directly contact centcom without need may cause the Captain to receive an unexpected transmission.
    • Note: Captains: Log out of your communications console.

Rule discussion was hosted at the following link. NSV Roleplay Rules and Guidelines