NSV Space Cop equipment guide

Heres the new gear the comes with the promotion from Station Guard to Space Cop

Glock 13, standard gun comes with rubber bullets that do stamina damage. The number in the Glock model is the patent number not magazine capacity, Glock 13 magazines hold 15 rounds giving you more than enough breathing room, just 2 shots will slow someone down enough to get in closer for a baton or pin. Second way to use the Glock-13 is as an emergency lethal, the sec prolathe gets the autolathe board in Misc. Machinery, and hacking an autolathe(Blue light) unlocks various lethal ammo boxes including 9mm, despite what some people say you can load the lethal 9mm into your Glock 13 mags. HOWEVER you should only load both mags with lethals if the station has an active threat, instead employ Rubber/Lethal tactic, The magazine loaded in the gun has rubber bullets while your backup magazine has lethals loaded.

The Czanek Corp taser is PIECE OF ASS with limited use. The taser sees good use when used with the aiming function removing as much of you from the aiming equation so all you have to focus on is getting within the 2 tile shot distance. The taser stun is too short on its own to get cuffs on so employ a pin after landing the shot. Or defensively when a suspect is closing the gap to attack you and give yourself some breathing room. It would be a felony to ignore the double shell technique, your taser comes with a shell loaded already, the taser functions similar to a bolt action. If a shot is already loaded, take off the cartridge, place a taser shot into the cartridge, put cartridge back onto the taser. Fire once, rack and release the slide, and another shot ready to go.

Surviving edged weapons
The pin move will likely be the move you use the most, a good follow up to a tase or when you want to get a stun without risking your equipment being used against you. The Judo throw not so much, moving a criminal rather than keeping them pinned for handcuffing is impracticable but not useless, always keep it in your back pocket.

Aim Function
Best used on the taser as mentioned before for getting a perfect shot. Also goes well when you want the get across the message of telling someone to cease and desist. The most important part of using the aim mechanic IS TO NOT GET DISARMED, if they are approaching you rather than complying shoot, your within reason to magdump your service pistol or deploy a taser.

Security Gas Mask functions
A new function of your security masks is a dispatch callout system, giving a good description of whats happening and where to fellow officers in a shorter time than calling out on the radio. Edit suggestion by Vivalas

Hopefully after reading the equipment guide you don’t get your Glock or taser stolen by a syndie. NOW AND GET THAT SEC MAJOR!

I’d advise creating a wiki guide for this instead. Though the effort is appreciated.

what if you wanted to do funny sleeping carp double disarm but security did the double disarm on you first