Officially give AA to XO

Considering the XO is the right hand of the captain, they should have mostly the same access.

What this would change:

  • XO starts with all access (except captain’s office)
  • SOP changes to reflect this.


  • Allows XOs to more effectively perform their job without breaking SOP and/or constantly adding and removing access from their ID. Makes it easier for XOs to go in person to department where events of interest are happening and to speak with the people there.
  • Hopefully, this will increase the XO and captain’s situational awareness (if the XO relays that information). Captain and XO could be quicker to react to things like staff shortages or other reasons departments need support.
  • Captain being informed more accurately about the combat readiness of the vessel.


  • Some XOs might involve themselves too much in the internal affairs of departments. This would encroach on the responsibilities of the respective heads, making the game less fun for them.
  • Such encroaching is against the rules and giving the XO official AA might encourage them to break that rule.
  • This might encourage XOs to get lethals from the armory, even when no threat would warrant such or if there is an active sec team.

Please no.

We already have too many with guns, high-end vests and the entire Muni budget.

I’m for this in spirit since the XO is more like a secondary captain here, but I’m not sure as to the quality we can expect of our XO players. We might need to enforce rules more stringently to prevent any XOs from getting the wrong idea about their station.

Good point with the guns.
@Altangy, can I get forums trust level 2 please, so I can edit that into my post under “Disadvantages”?

This is a terrible idea

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Because of the armed XO issue? If that’s the case, maybe we could give them everything except captain and armory?

XOs (or HoPs on other servers) are generally not given AA because they suffer middle manager syndrome frequently. Although on NSV they are supposed to be an outright extension of the captain’s authority they still have to respect their boundaries which is usually service and the bridge. Before mentioning the fact that the XO may themselves AA in any condition above 3 in the SoP currently on the wiki, I am in the middle of a post-application review and that is the third thing on my list of things I’ve said no to.