Perma banned for murder boning and id like to appologize //ACCEPTED//

[Sergei Koralev]-Luckaboi-banned for not obeing antag edicate

IC NAME:N/A (its been some time since it i legit do not remenber my characters name)
BYOND KEY:Luckaboi
DATE OF BAN:2020-10-19

ADMIN KEY:Sergei Koralev
REASON FOR BAN:not obeing the antag edicate AKA murderboning also logging out during admin PM
MY APPEAL: ill first start out saying that at the time i get banned i did not read the antag comduct but now i not only apologize but also gladly say the rules have been read

Antags are expected to follow all rules that do not interfere with their objective.

Antags are free to complete their objective by any means available, within reason. For example, destroying large amounts of the station is reasonable if your objective is to hijack the shuttle; it is not acceptable if your objective is to steal the CE’s blueprints.

Try to avoid unnecessary carnage that ultimately just ruins the round for other players, unless said players are your target. Subtlety goes a long way.

You must work with fellow antags towards completing a group objective if there is one.

i appologize for rule braking and no matter if you ignore this or not ill be happy for you simply reading it.

This seems forthright enough and it’s been long enough if it were just the antag policy violation. Why’d you disconnect during the ticket?

because im dumb dumb that cant deal with stress and also because i got salty :slight_smile:

i appologize for any shitty behavior i did

id like to explore NSV and i legit dind know it was that big a deal untill i read about it i come from servers like goon were murderboning is ok soo i just wanted to try it out on this server

i again appologize

Alright, just hope that you’ve learned that it’s best to not log during tickets. Generally admins aren’t kind to those that do.

Your appeal is accepted