Player Complaint [Abraham Demuth] - //RESOLVED//

Player Complaint - [Shadowstrike real] - [ Abraham Demuth ]

Your ckey: Theboy6545

Your IC name: Fern Brooks

Your Discord ID: God | Mining Gang Fern

Date of round:


**Round ID:**1362

Defendant’s IC Name: Abraham Demuth

Defendant’s ckey: Shadowstrike real


I was a latejoin warden, I had just gotten to my office and grabbed my stuff when we got boarders. I opened the armoury for sec officers, when abraham walked in. He asked for a shotgun, I told him now and told him to leave. He refused to leave and kept begging for a gun, eventually Taigo (Who was HOS at the time) told him to leave. I think I saw him take a 1911 during all this, but I cannot confirm this. He tried to argue that as he had AA (as XO) he should be allowed a gun. I tazed him and attempted to arrest him for trespass, but he got up and ran off before I could cuff him, and we had bigger concerns (Boarders).
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I was Captain this round (Red Scott), and I can confirm these, I also told him not to, but eventually he kept going, I also can say that he was VERY bad at doing his XO role (no squad management, no communication with the crew, all he did was stealing stuff from Security the whole round)

This part isn’t from just one round, as I’ve seen this multiple times, even if he doesn’t have anything to hide, and is asked to be checked, they avoid any and all confrontation by any means necessary. He has gone as far as to literally disappear to never get checked, and causes unnecessary work for sec. He also asks for things he doesn’t need for his job as stated above by Coloss, and does not seem to understand any of the roles he is playing. One round, I watched him rush a pirate solo and die due to rushing at near crit, this isn’t anything I want to complain about, but I want to note his poor decision making, later explaining it with “I just wanted the action.” There’s much more I could say about this guy, but these are the most recent things.

Hey, @Sergei-Koralev, i’ve been informed that you handle these, can you have a quick look over it please?

Every time I think of these I shudder.

Welcome to Mr bones wild ride, hope you have a sandwich under your hat cause this is gonna be a LONG ride!

Logs have been reviewed and an appropriate action has been taken.