Player Complaint: Alfred Reachtovisky, Kenny Cameron

Player Complaint - Alfred Reachtovisky, Kenny Cameron

Your ckey: GoatMonarch

Your IC name: Solid Honk

Your Discord ID:You know whom

Date of round: 2021-04-24

Round ID:2291

Defendant’s IC Name: Alfred Reachtovisky, Kenny Cameron

Defendant’s ckey: Unknown

**Complaint: **Heretic round, were not exactly friendly, but did my best to return people into the round after the sacrificing acts. Issue is Kenny Cameron yelled over the coms “Clown is a heretic” even though they’ve witnessed me return players to life after death. As a head they of course has the right to restrain, but what they did was aproach and weld me with a welder. I stabbed him, and put him into crit, where the captain walked in, and went exactly like this:
CPT Alfred Reachtovisky says, “Honk Whyyyyyy.”
CRW Solid Honk buzzes, “I mean.”
CRW Solid Honk buzzes, “I clone them after I am done.”
Christian Steffensen coughs.
CRW Solid Honk buzzes, “So technically no harm done.”
CPT Alfred Reachtovisky says, “Uh huh.”

Before Alfred shot me with lethals. He just killed me, and the round ended. What this behaviour tells me is that you should never communicate with people, and just murder instead. Because apparantly no matter if how hostile you get, you will just get lynched. Kenny Cameron outright attacked me as I were cloning someone I sacrificed. And to qoute one of our lowest RP communit regulars through discord, Jeff Jefferson: “it’s mrp until an antag shows up
i had a heretic round here where i died to a miner suicide bombing me”
It’s clearly turning into normal behaviour at this point. Instead of having assistants running through maint hunting for valids, we now got heads of staff doing their job till they see a valid. If this continues antagonists will just lead down to casual murdering, acompanied with securing that people do not return to the round. In Kenny’s case I believe he’s been getting too used with playing as a head, where he has really let himself go. It’s just sad to see really. Alfred has always been an edge case, but to shoot lethals like that is a straw too much. It’s just really dissapointing to see regulars do this.
Staff coverage not being 100% is likely a cause and a symptom of this. Staff get tired of these players, having to breathe down their neck all the time, but also at the same time not having staff around leads to this sort of behaviour. It’s sad to see folks from the admin team constantly get burned out like this.

Player Complaint - Kenny Cameron

Your ckey: Soldaten

Your IC name: Theodore Ulysses

Your Discord ID: Admiralyolo#9560

Date of round: 26/4/2021 - 27/4/2021

Round ID: 2320

Defendant’s IC Name: Kenny Cameron

Defendant’s ckey: NIL

Complaint: Regular Eclipse round. I was attempting to learn how to be the XO under a different
alias. I had read the guide on the NSV Wiki and knew how to Pilot and operate the TAC
Issue is that Kenny Cameron decided to consistently belittle me about how they wanted
move to Dolos / Rubicon and that I was a ‘boring’ XO for attempting to simply clear a
normal patrol. As evidenced below :

                    SPC Kenny Cameron flutters, "Just throw us into a fight then."
                    SPC Kenny Cameron flutters, "If ya wanna be fucking boring and just get a patrol clear."
                    SPC Kenny Cameron flutters, "In all honestly."
                    SPC Kenny Cameron flutters, "We don't need jack fucking shit."

                    They were extremely invasive regarding wanting a big fight and to just head to Dolos / 
                    Rubicon despite the fact I was a new XO and wanted a simple clean patrol where i'd 
                    learn some basics behind the setups that people do. I also found them to be extremely  
                    LRP by not listening to me and attempting to take control of the ship via unallowing me 
                    to give direct commands despite my protests
                    The reason for this complaint is due to the fact that I feel that this breeds a toxic 
                    environment for more experienced players to consistently disallow new players a 
                    chance to learn command roles, which applies to why sometimes a ship is unable to 
                    begin combat within the armada timer. It also explains why some people may not want 
                    to do command roles to begin with due to the nature of instantly being lynched the 
                    moment you don't understand the finer points of setting up the ship. Not to mention 
                    several LRP terms such as :
                    SPC Kenny Cameron flutters, "4 super .50 is a fucking meme."
                    I honestly feel, as the post above stated, that the admin team is rather burned out. KMC 
                    was online in the server during my Ahelp regarding what to do in this situation, which is 
                    understandable. However in regards to this situation, I feel not only does it hamper the 
                    player count of the server as a whole, but also breeds a sense of toxic elitism within the 

Resolved - Closing. Thank you for making a player report.