Player Complaint - Brick Lowe //RESOLVED//

Player Complaint - Unknown - Brick Lowe

Your ckey:
Your IC name:
Brooklyn Donkin
Your Discord ID:
MF Dumb#0916
Date of round:
Round ID:
Defendant’s IC Name:
Brick Lowe
Defendant’s ckey:

I, a relatively new player(playing Pilot), was assigned by the acting Captain to work in munitions with Brick Lowe. I made it clear to both the Captain and to Brick that I was new and didn’t really know what I was doing. The Captain said this was fine and explained the basics of what I needed to do.
We went into combat and I was loading the plasma charge loads and PDC, during which Brick Lowe was using the computer to load the guns.
During this time, Brick Lowe was consistently rude to an excess(repeatedly all-capsing ‘retard’ and other similar things over making new-guy mistakes, like not knowing you can stand on top of boxes to put munitions items in them because you can’t put them in otherwise) and attacking me for little to no reason.
This came to a head, at one point, when I went to load the PDC ammo, he repeatedly all-caps’d “NO” at me and prevented me from doing so. I asked him for a reason, what I had done wrong and why I shouldn’t do it, and he assaulted me with Krav(He was the Warden). I fled and ran to go out into the hangar, where he couldn’t follow me, and he chased me into the airlock.
In the airlock, he drew a combat shotgun and shot me with it repeatedly before I pushed him down and stunned him, and continued to try to flee into the hangar (I let him get out of the airlock when he got back up and stopped attacking me).
After this point he had an episode on the radio, I disputed what he said, and he was told by the Captain to calm down.
We finished the patrol, he continued to complain about my conduct on the radio, then he started chasing me down, trying to tase me and shoot me with a shotgun.
I’ve made it clear, multiple times at this point, that I did not intend to attack or harm Brick(to the point of just stunning him and letting him leave when he tried to kill me with a shotgun).
I went to the medbay to heal after the exchange in munitions when he shot me, and he caught up to me there, trying to kill me again. I threw a throwing star that I found on the floor at him and ran away. He returned shortly after and tried to attack me in the medbay again, and a bystander intervened again and he left. Returning shortly after with a shotgun, the bystander and I fended him off and he fled again, then the round ended.

TLDR this dude was super OOCly shitty and tried to kill me repeatedly without a very good reason.
Felt I should mention that I wasn’t actually going to make this report initially, but Brick carried on being a dick after the round restarted and into the discord. Bokkiewokkie suggested I make the player report after witnessing the exchange.

I’ve also noted a high instance of him self-antagging and turning against CC when in command roles.

For bonus points, while I was attempting to make some Pentetic Acid as an MD on a tycoon round (we needed it, and there was no chemists), after he was let in by an idiotic command staff after I explicitly requested not to, he elected to “taste test” and consume most of the ingredients I had set out for the creation of this. If you’re unfamiliar, this includes cyanide, and he wasted a solid 10 minutes worth of work from me, in addition to the doctors time because they decided to not let him die from his stupidity.

Oh he’s permabanned on bee.