Player Complaint - [Ckey Unknwown] - Cydia Toptunov Insularis, for metagrudge over a soy latte //RESOLVED//

Your ckey: The_Maggot_Guy

Your IC name: Orion Mendeleev (pronounced mendel layev)

Your Discord ID: The Maggot Guy#3950

Date of round: 10-23/24-2020

Round ID: 1126, 1125, and I have the logs of the round where it all started, including ahelps, so if you can do a keyword search you can find it.

Defendant’s IC Name: Cydia Toptunov Insularis

Defendant’s ckey: Unknown

Complaint: TL:DR, I deny moth a soy latte and call it fake milk, after a serious of non harmful escalations he straight up tides into my bar and applies toolbox until spaceman horizontal. Then the next round we were both online, he finds my dead body in maint and hides it in a dumpster. Then, on the round that just ended (which immediately followed dumpster round) he rolls antag, sees me late join, and singles me out and kills me, which doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

More detailed explanation:
Moth shows up asks for a soy latte. I tell him I don’t have so, milk, or coffee (been playing this game for ages and had no idea we had coffee lol), and then deny him on the basis that he insulted milk and that real men drink milk and I tell him to get out. (My ICK religion is worshipping milk as a holy life giving substance that cures everything.)

I tell him “You want nut juice? Go ask the Chef” and tell him to leave. When he doesn’t I call sec saying “Sec to bar, soy boy moth won’t leave me alone.” Sec shows up, sides with me, saying I own the bar and can tell him to get out, so he leaves begrudgingly. Apparently at one point he also PDA-ed me saying “Serve me the soy late or no fighters are going up into space.” which I didn’t see until now lmao

Later he turns up with a note from the XO saying something about “don’t discriminate” and claims that I must give him his soy latte now. I tell him no, both because I don’t think it said anything saying I had to and even if it had there’s no way he gave my side of the story accurately. The reactor explodes, I refuse the “man” his soy, he says something like “Fuck it, I’m telling the XO” and leaves.

Eventually he comes back with a toolbox in his hand. “The soyboy returns” I say, when he starts climbing over the bar. I shove him, and knock a toolbox out of his hand which means he intended to kill me from the start, and he proceeds to kill me. Over a soy latte.

I ahelp, and for some unknown reason the admins side with him, but thankfully I don’t get banned.

Incident 2: I see this guy in the halls and teasingly call him a soyboy. Eventually I die of pressure loss (as atmos tech rip) and am lying in the halls. Eventually Cyd finds my dead body, but instead of taking me to cloning, hides my body in the dumpster in the service relax area. Admin revives me and says they handeled it.

Incident 3: The very next round Cyd rolls antag. Me seeing there are no doctors, I pick doctor (I mained CMO on Bee). While I’m trying to make Cryo Juice for the cryopods (for some reason there were no jars???) Cyd, with their subverted borg, singles me out, and specifically goes after me and kills me, then tries to say I’m a traitor so they can borg me. But because literally last round they metagrudged me, and then on this round specifically singled me out, I do not believe for one second that it was a coincidence.

I’ll admit, incident 2 was a dickish thing to do and was mostly due to you calling me a soyboy again *(Not metagrudge, but it is meant to poke the moff). The admins didn’t handle it though, I never got ahalped or noted (As of writing this). So admins, if you want to, give me a shiny note. Incident 3 I was a robotocist. I needed new brains for nice emagged borg army and saw you, followed you, til you were alone and then murdered you. That was a coincidence, one I will admit made me grin. It however was still coincidence, so I wouldn’t count it as metagrudge. As for incident 1, admins said “I had a point.” but still noted me for it. Incident 1 has happened, that’s that. If the admins want to note me for incident 2, that would be reasonable. For the rest it’s either been handled already (afaik) or just me wanting brains for the borgos since we didn’t have copper for a posi brain. RD was also the victim of this, along with a lizard.

*I meant that YOU didn’t metagrudge but just poked the moff. I did metagrudge lowkey and should be punished for it if the admins want to do so. Just wanted to clarify this since it could be taken the wrong way.

I’m disappointed that this is even a thing

I didn’t see you following me at all, I only saw you once, when you stood outside chem just before you killed me, which is why I believed you could single me out. Why did you pick me specifically? Why not pick someone else to follow?

Because you were alone in chem (Along with another tator) when I was killing you.

edit: Reason I stood outside of chem is because I had to tell the borg to flash you and open the door for me. Plan and shit.

complaint rescinded, the guy asked for real milk and gave my monke a hat so all is good